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VOOPOO has arrived here at E Cigarette Empire and this is a very memorable moment in the E Cigarette Empire life.

I am sure you all know about VOOPOO but if you don’t…

Let us tell you all about them!

VOOPOO is one of the largest Vape Mod manufacturers in the entire world! They are known to make some of the best technology in the vaping scene and anyone who is looking for high quality hardware will always recommend VOOPOO.

VOOPOO was established in 2014 and was originally in the medical field as well as industrial! In 2017 VOOPOO acquired the U.S Brand, WOODYVAPES, to officially enter the e-cigarette industry and this was a very pivotal moment in the vaping community.

WOODYVAPES was a very popular brand that produced awesome box mods back in the early days of the vaping saga. They were on top for quite some time but slowly started to back out. VOOPOO then stepped into the picture and made a new dynasty for box mods.

Later that year, VOOPOO became the sole partner of the popular GENE chip which is used in a lot of VOOPOO’s box mods. It is a state of the art technology chipset that allows multiple customizable functions.

By the end of 2017, VOOPOO was known to be the king of the Vape Mod industry. Everything that this company released became extremely popular and soon they were the go-to hardware brand for the best technology.

Nowadays, VOOPOO employees over 500 people and spans across North America to Asia.

As stated before, VOOPOO leads the industry when it comes to both technology and technique. The company sets the record with the world’s fastest ignition speed, and has the power compensation mode making Vape Mods more safe.

One of the most popular VOOPOO products is the VOOPOO Drag 157W Box Mod. This state of the art vape mod is known to be one of the best pieces of hardware on the market. It features the 32-bit GENE Chipset and is beautifully designed with carbon fiber inlays.

Powered by two 18650 batteries, the DRAG can reach a wattage power of 157 watts and has a 0.025 ramp-up time when it comes to pressing the fire button. With temperature control mode and TCR adjustments, the possibilities are endless with this Vape Mod.

A lot of people always ask about which company they should get when it comes to vaping hardware. The best answer is going to be VOOPOO. If you are looking for state of the art, safe, powerful, and appealing Vape Mods then VOOPOO will be the answer ten out of ten times.