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Give your pod vape something to chill on with Ice Monster Salt Nic.

What is Ice Monster Salt Nic?

Ice Monster is a brand that has sprouted its wings and left the nest. Generated by the masterminds behind the Jam Monster and Custard Shoppe, Ice Monster is a menthol journey through different vape juice flavor profiles with an arctic side. Now as vaping culture shifts towards the nicotine salt e liquid spectrum, Ice Monster Salt Nic has been born with one sole purpose: to show vapers the icy side of pod system vaping.

What are the best tasting Ice Monster Salt Nic flavors?

Focusing their e juice recipes around an arctic menthol blast, each flavor profile from Ice Monster Salt Nic is set to delight your taste buds with a unique selection of fruits and served frozen for a refreshing experience. Their initially released flavor, Mangerine Guava, delivers a huge barrage of fruity flavors with a cooling wave of ice cold menthol for a fruit and mint duel on your tongue. We are sure menthol enthusiasts will find Ice Monster Salt Nic to be a perfect replacement to their current all day vape and are eagerly awaiting the release of more flavors.

Are Ice Monster Salt Nic e liquids premium quality?

With an above-the-rest attitude towards the quality of their products, Ice Monster Salt Nic is here to change the way you think about menthol vaping and nicotine salt e liquids. Their e juice recipes are crafted using only the finest USP grade ingredients and are refined with the intent of providing the best flavor possible. If the level of flavor that Jam Monster produces does not give you an inclination of the level of quality that this e juice brand provides, then you may need to dive down in to the world of Ice Monster Salt Nic.

Where can I buy Ice Monster Salt Nic flavors?

The Ice Monster Salt Nic collection is available here at where we carry each flavor in a 30ml bottle with nicotine concentration options of 24mg and 48mg to suit your preferences.

Whether you are looking for something new, or have not yet tasted a flavor from the Ice Monster lineup, treat your lungs and your taste buds to the refreshing and extravagant menthol vape experience that you can only attain from Ice Monster Salts.

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