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If you have a pod vape and want the best nicotine salts to go with it, check out SVRF Salt and ride the flavor wave.

What is SVRF Salt?

The SaveUrVape brand is one of the fastest growing names to grace the vape juice industry in years as they continue to unleash delectable products for the community to enjoy. Known for their popular SVRF E Liquid series as well as a few other commercially successful e juice menus, SaveUrVape remains a reliable and beloved source for some of the tastiest e liquid flavors on the planet.

What are nicotine salt e liquids?

Recently things began to shift in the vaping world as nicotine salt products become more predominant throughout vaping culture. Nicotine salt is a more natural and easier to consumer form of nicotine as opposed to typically free-based nicotine. Nicotine salt e juices tend to utilize a higher dosage of salt nicotine to help smokers quit the cigarettes while avoiding the usual discomfort that comes with higher nicotine concentrations. SaveUrVape is keeping up with this new development by crafting the SVRF Salt series so that pod vapers everywhere can vape some of the tastiest recipes on the planet with their favorite low-wattage, refillable pod vaping devices.

Where can I buy SVRF Salt vape juice flavors?

The SVRF Salt menu is comprised of three flavors as of now: Balanced, Refreshing, and Satisfying, all of which are available here at in 30ml bottles with 24mg or 48mg of salt nicotine.

What do SVRF Salt e liquids taste like?

Balanced is a delightful mix of freshly sliced coconuts with a burst of rich cream underneath for a sweet and tropical dessert. Refreshing contains a distinguished mix of sweet papaya, juicy mangoes, and succulent cantaloupe for a delightful exotic fruit blend. Satisfying is a personal favorite from the SVRF Salt series and captures a bold iced tea beverage infused with tangy dragon fruit and sweet raspberries for a soothing treat. 

Is SVRF Salt a top shelf collection of vape juice flavors?

SaveUrVape produces the SVRF Salt flavors as well as their other products using only the highest-grade ingredients available within their medical grade ISO-certified facility to ensure every bottle contains a sterile and contaminant free product.

When you are ready to elevate your flavor senses to the next level then score a bottle of SVRF Salt for your low-wattage pod vape and dive mouth first into a pure ecstasy experience.

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