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VOOPOO strikes again with yet another amazing piece of hardware!

The VOOPOO Drag Nano Kit is now on shelves here at Vape Juice and when it comes to portable vape pod devices, this one blows the competition out of the water. Nicotine salts are the new craze and in order to get the best mouth to lung experience, you need a nicotine salt device! Everyone is experimenting to see which one reigns over the rest, and it is quite clear that the VOOPOO Drag Nano Kit is here to take the crown.

One thing that immediately separates the Drag Nano Portable Device from the rest of the vape pods in the game is the GENE chip. If you are familiar with the original Drag, Drag 2, or even the Drag Mini then you know what the GENE chip is all about. This internal chipset allows for crazy customization but also has an intelligent technology that automatically fine tunes settings on the fly to taper towards producing the best mouth to lung experience as possible.

The VOOPOO Drag Nano Kit keeps the same stylish design as the rest of the DRAG hardware line which is very appealing to see. Every colorway will turn a head and have people asking what kind of device you have. The small and ergonomic design not only makes this device easily concealable but it also makes it extremely pocket friendly. Imagine a Drag 2 but in a pocket size version!

The VOOPOO Drag Nano Kit does feature an internal battery with enough mAh to have you vaping throughout the day and night. Rechargeable via Micro USB, the convenience of this nicotine salt device is out of this world and comparable to non-cord.

Another awesome feature about the Drag Nano Portable Kit is that the pods are both refillable and replaceable. Nothing is worse than being stuck with pre-filled pods only. You do not know what type of nicotine salt is in it, and most of the times they taste horrible. With these pods you are able to fill and refill them with your favorite premium nicotine salt.

Whether you are new to vaping or a veteran, the VOOPOO Drag Nano Portable Kit is the absolute best choice you can make when it comes to choosing which portable nicotine salt pod to go with!

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