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Many things that are fun in life are taboo for some people but if you vape Taboo E Liquid is definitely for you.

What is Taboo E Liquid?

The Taboo E Liquid is one of the many commercially successful and well-received vape juice brands produced by Sky Drip LLC. Sky Drip is responsible for popular collections such as Hungry E Liquid, Shotgun E Liquid, and more. Taboo E Liquid is only one of the latest releases from Sky Drip that has been steadily taking over the vape juice scene.

Where can I buy Taboo E Liquid flavors? 

Taboo E Liquid is a delectable collection of premium grade e liquids that take inspiration from a wide variety of flavor profiles. The Taboo series consists of five delightful recipes: Millennium, Meduza, Laguna, Phantom, and Cult, all of which we carry here at in 60ml unicorn style squeeze bottles that you can order with 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg of nicotine. 

What do the best Taboo E Liquid vape juice flavors taste like?

Millennium is one for the cream enthusiasts out there as it delivers a soothing mix of sweet raspberries and rich milk for a soft raspberry milk beverage. Meduza combines blood oranges with a handful of mixed wild berries with a burst of sour coated gummy candies for a sweet-tooth in a cloud. Laguna is a refreshing punch of exotic lychee fruit and crisp melons with a blast of icy menthol to cool things off. Phantom provides another chill mix of a tangy berry mojito iced with mint and menthol for a freezing good time. Cult is the final flavor form the Taboo E Liquid collection and delivers a sweet and sour explosion of grape flavored soda pop across your taste buds. 

Is Taboo E Liquid a high quality brand?

Sky Drip LLC produces the entire Taboo E Liquid collection as well as their other series using only the highest-grade of USP approved ingredients inside a medical grade ISO-certified facility to ensure every batch brings the best flavor and quality possible. Professional scientists and mixologists mix each blend in a sterile and contaminant environment to make sure your vape juice hygienic.

If you are ready to explore a whole new world of delectable flavor profiles than pick up a bottle of the unknown from Taboo E Liquid and discover the truth that lies beyond the clouds.

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