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Smok Tanks and Box Mods

There aren't enough words in the English language to describe the epicly superior products that Smok has to offer. Based out of Shenzhen City, China, Smok is without a doubt our most popular hardware brand. To this day we sell more Smok products than any other brand. Since its foundation in 2010, Smok has released two seperate tank lines that changed the vape game as we know it. The first one was the original TFV 4. With its easy to fill top fill, awesome flavor and cloud production capabilities, functionality, and easy coil changing system we had thought that tank technology had reached its limit. The Smok shocked us all and released the TFV 8 Cloud Beast tank. The Cloud Beast Tank revolutionized the way we vape. It had the same styled as the original TFV 4, however the TFV 8 is a massive. It delivers a powerful, flavor- filled, thick, luscious, and milky hit that feels and tastes just like a dripper RDA. The Cloud Beast replaced the term “coil” with “Hyper Engine”. Everything about the TFV 8 tank was legendary. So much so that Smok created two toned down versions. They have the exact same system as the TFV 8 but are smaller in size. They are called The Baby Beast and The Big Baby Beast. With the creation of these sized down tanks Smok proved that size does not matter. They were able to achieve the exact same massive and flavorful hit among all three sizes of TFV 8 tank. If tanks weren't enough, Smok has created multiple mods that have also became top selling and popular devices.  The G-Priv is a top of the line mod that pushes technology its limits. It was the first mod by Smok to feature a giant LED touch screen. The 200W Alien Mod by Smok is by far its most popular mod. It is a sleek looking mod that has a lot of adjustable features to it. It is currently sold in a starter kit that comes with the mod and a Baby Beast Tank. All of Smoker's products come in a large variety of colors. For example the Cloud Beast tanks, the 220W Alien Mod, and the Stick V8 mod come in tons of colors such as black, white, red, green, gold, purple, blue, silver, and iridescent 7-color rainbow. Smok has so much to offer that we couldn't possibly fit in all into one brief summary like this. If you are looking for hardware of any kind such as Mods, Sub Ohm Tanks, RDAs, RDAs, Coils, or starter kits, we highly recommend you go with Smok. They are the best quality for the best price and we here at E Cigarette Empire personally use their products daily. Smok is where it is at, trust us!

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