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MNKE Bar Disposable Vape - 6500 Puffs

With the disposable vape market becoming increasingly vital to the vaping community, companies like MNKE have been popping up to claim your business. The MNKE Bar Disposable Vape is the newest addition to our selection of disposable vapes and delivers a premium quality vape experience in the form of a 6500-puff rechargeable device.

The MNKE Bar features a 500mAh USB-C rechargeable battery and overcharge protection to give you around 6500 puffs per device. Each bar is prefilled with 16ml of juice available in 10 unique flavor profiles with 5% nicotine to fit any preference. The MNKE Bar utilizes a mesh coil to deliver the best possible flavor and cloud production in a disposable device.

All 10 flavors of the MNKE Bar Disposable Vape are available here at Vape Juice for you to enjoy.


  • Blue Kiwi Ice - Delectable blueberries partnered with tropical kiwi, frozen by icy menthol.
  • Fresh Mint - A whirlwind of arctic mint flavors for a chilling experience.
  • Grapple - The unbeatable duet of concord grapes and freshly picked apples.
  • Lemon Tart - A timeless dessert rendition of zesty lemon curds and warm pastry.
  • Mango - The purest form of exotic mango flavors rolled into one.
  • Pango Guava - A delightful fusion of passionfruit, guava, and mangos.
  • Peach Rings - The delicious treat of sweet and sour peach-flavored gummy candies.
  • Raspberry Mint - The luxurious pairing of sweet raspberries and cool mint.
  • Straw Melon - The undefeated partnership of seductive strawberries and juicy watermelon chunks.
  • Yummy Gummy - All your favorite gummy bear flavors wrapped into one delightful taste.


  • Pre-Filled with 16ml of Delectable Flavors
  • 5% or 50mg of Nicotine
  • 500mAh battery
  • USB-C charger
  • Overcharge Protection
  • Mesh Coil

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