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The vape liquid game is an ever-evolving industry. We constantly see new flavor profiles, new brands, and new waves daily. One constant that we have been blessed with since the beginning it seems like is Naked 100.

This brand has consistently put out all day vapes for us since their arrival to the industry. Each of their e liquids is prepared with extreme care and attention to detail. Lucky for us they have hopped on the newest wave in the game with us, creating all of their fantastic flavored e liquids as nicotine salts!

We are talking of course, about Naked 100 Salt E Liquid. This brand is brought to you guys from the people that have created Naked 100, and they have used the same recipes as in their e liquids to create nicotine salts that you will absolutely love!

Let’s discuss the mouth to lung experience of the nic salts from this brand. After all, that seems to be the most important factor for vapers looking to transition from regular e liquids to nicotine salts. Each flavor that we carry, we can personally vouch for in terms of MTL experience. There is no burning or charring sensation at all, which allows for a smooth hit without coughing up a lung!

Our favorites and suggestions include two of our absolute best sellers which are Lava Flow and Hawaiian POG. Lava Flow is that refreshing tropical flavor that your palate has been patiently waiting for! This blend of crisp coconut, tangy pineapple, and luscious strawberry will prove to be a delight. Next up is Hawaiian POG, which blends pineapple, guava, and orange in a way you never thought imaginable!

Take a look at what we have to offer from Naked 100 Salt E Liquid! Grab one of our 30ML bottles in concentrated nicotine levels of 35MG, or 50MG.

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