What Is an AIO Vape

An all-in-one or AIO vape is a type of vape pen that has been very popular within the vaping community – especially among beginning vapers – over the past several years. AIO vapes are a little older than pod vapes, which appeared a bit more recently and have quickly become arguably the most popular types of vaping devices on the market.

While it’s true that pod vapes are probably the most popular vaping devices today, AIO vapes are just as relevant as ever and remain viable choices for many types of vapers. If you’re a beginning or intermediate vaper and are willing to give a non-traditional vape kit a try, you may find that an AIO vape is a perfect choice for you because AIO vape pens offer some unique features that no other types of vaping devices can duplicate.

Pod Mods Are the New AIO Vapes

AIO vapes are interesting as historical curiosities, but they aren't really the types of devices that most people use today. If you're looking for a new vaping device that's small and refillable, we think you'll be much happier with a pod mod because you'll enjoy the same level of convenience without the airflow issues that often accompany the AIO design. Here are a few of the best small pod mods on the market today.

  • SMOK Novo 5: The SMOK Novo 5 is pretty much everything you could possibly want in a pod mod. It's extremely small and pocketable, but it doesn't compromise performance in the way that many other small pod vapes do. With fully adjustable airflow and variable wattage up to a maximum power level of 30 watts, this is a device that's incredibly portable yet still built for real cloud chasing.
  • Geekvape AQ: If you're looking for a vaping experience that's a bit simpler but still gives you some flexibility, we think you'll love the Geekvape AQ. With the Geekvape AQ, you use a single control button for vaping, for locking and unlocking the device and for adjusting the power between three available levels (low, medium and high). The Geekvape AQ also has fully adjustable airflow.
  • Geekvape Aegis B60: Here's a device that challenges the traditional definition of a pod system and straddles the line between pod systems and vape mods. The Aegis B60 is a truly hardened device that features shock protection and full water resistance. It also has a sliding lock to give you complete confidence that the device won't activate unexpectedly when you carry it in your pocket. The Aegis B60 operates at up to 60 watts and has a built-in 2,000 mAh battery for all-day vaping with no battery anxiety.

What Is an AIO Vape?

So, the first question on your mind is probably this: What exactly is an AIO vape? The definition of an all-in-one vape has evolved a bit over the years, with some people expanding the category to include pod-based vaping devices. For simplicity’s sake, though, we prefer to stick with the classic definition of AIO vapes.

An AIO vape is a vaping device in which the tank is a permanent part of the device instead of being screwed into the device as would be the case with a full vape mod. There are two types of AIO devices. With one type, the device itself stores the e-liquid. At the top of the device, there’s essentially a glass cup. With that configuration, it’s impossible to remove the tank from the device. With the other type, the tank’s outer enclosure is secured to the device by a silicone o-ring and is removable. An AIO vaping device only works with its own built-in tank.

A pod system isn’t technically an AIO vape because the pod is a self-contained removable component that stores your e-liquid and includes the atomizer coil as a built-in component. When you remove the pod, you’re also removing the e-liquid and the atomizer coil. An AIO vape doesn’t work that way. Learn more about pod mods vs. vape mods.

What Are the Benefits of AIO Vapes?

What Is an AIO Vape Pen

An AIO Vape Is Almost Leak Proof

One of the biggest benefits of using an AIO vape – especially one with a cup-shaped tank – is that the design makes leaks almost impossible. Since the entire bottom portion of the tank is a glass cup, the glass would have to break in order for vape juice to get out of the device. As long as you store the device facing up, you should never have to deal with a leak.

If you have an AIO vape with a tank that’s secured to the device with a silicone o-ring, leaking isn’t quite as impossible since the o-ring can potentially stretch or break. Leaking is still less likely with an AIO vape than with a traditional vape mod, though, because the tank’s air vents are usually on the top rather than the bottom.

AIO Vapes Are Easy to Fill

Are you currently using a pod system or other vaping device with a tiny filling opening that requires a needle-tip bottle? Filling a device with a small opening always causes a mess. That type of problem rarely happens when you use an AIO vape because you usually fill an AIO device by removing the entire top cap. Just add your e-liquid directly to the cup, and you’re all set.

It’s Easy to Replace an AIO Vape Coil

The other feature that makes AIO vapes so easy to maintain is the fact that refilling the device and replacing the coil are essentially the same act because you do either by removing the cap and mouthpiece from the top of the device. Removing the cap opens the tank for filling, and it also reveals the atomizer coil, which is attached to a chimney on the underside of the mouthpiece. When it’s time to replace the coil, you’ll just twist the old coil off of the chimney, twist on a new coil and replace the device’s top cap. With a standard vape tank, you usually have to remove the tank from the device and disassemble it to replace the coil. It’s a longer – and messier – process.

AIO Vapes Usually Perform Better Than Pod Systems

Compared to a pod system, an AIO vape will usually offer superior vapor production and will almost always offer better battery life and more e-liquid storage. That’s simply because AIO vapes are larger than pod systems. The fact that an AIO vape is bigger allows it to have a larger atomizer coil and a higher-capacity battery cell. You may even find that an AIO vape offers better flavor than a pod system because it stores its e-liquid in glass rather than plastic.

AIO Vapes Are Powerful but Very Portable

The best thing about an AIO vape is that the shape and size are absolutely perfect for traveling. An AIO vape fits easily in any pocket, making the device much more convenient than a vape mod in that regard.

What Are the Drawbacks of AIO Vapes?

AIO Vapes Are Proprietary Devices

An AIO vape may have performance comparable to that of a vape mod, but it doesn’t have the flexibility of a mod because it’s a proprietary device. When you use a vape mod, it’s easy to try a new vape tank if you want to; you just twist off the old tank and twist on a new one. An AIO vape, on the other hand, can only ever work with the built-in tank. Some AIO vapes have multiple coil options available, so that’s a way to add some variety. For the most part, though, the experience that you have out of the box with an AIO vape is the experience you’ll always have with that device.

AIO Vapes Can Be Difficult to Clean

Cleaning your vape tank periodically is an important part of maintenance because it removes the residue of old e-liquid and ensures that the flavor remains as pure as possible. Changing the coil in an AIO vape might be easier than it is with a standard vape tank, but cleaning an AIO vape can be more difficult. If you have a device with a cup-shaped tank, it’s especially difficult because you can’t submerge the device. Your only real option is something like a damp cotton swab. It’s a bit easier to clean an AIO vape with removable glass, but you don’t want to remove the glass constantly because you’ll eventually wear out the o-ring that helps to prevent leaking.  

AIO Vapes Have Tight Airflow Characteristics

An AIO vape may offer performance comparable to that of a mod, but it may not be the best type of device for you if you like the direct-to-lung inhaling style. That’s because the atomizer coil is submerged within the body of the device. When you vape, air has to travel through a very narrow intake channel in the device’s chimney and coil before exiting through the main channel leading out of the mouthpiece. Since the air needs to travel in both directions through a very narrow chimney, an AIO vape can’t offer the same free, easy airflow that you’d get with a vape mod and a sub-ohm tank. For that reason, an AIO vape pen almost always works best for mouth-to-lung inhaling.

Choose Your Ideal Device: AIO Vapes vs. Pod Systems and Mods

At this point, you should have a very good understanding of the benefits and drawbacks of AIO vapes. Now, it’s time to decide what type of vaping device is right for you. Should you buy an AIO vape, a pod system or a vape mod? We’ll help you get on the right path with these final words of advice.

  • You should buy a pod system if you’re new to vaping and want a device that’s very small and very easy to use. Pod systems are the most fashionable vaping devices on the market. They’re simple and convenient. They have the ideal airflow characteristics for mouth-to-lung inhaling, and they’re designed to give you a great experience with nicotine salt e-liquid. For most smokers who are switching to vaping for the first time, pod systems are ideal.
  • You should buy an AIO vape if you want a device that’s a bit more powerful and offers a bit more battery life than what you’d get with a pod system. In addition to offering better performance than pod systems, an AIO vape is also a good option if you’re a heavier smoker and may need to vape more often in order to maintain your desired level of satisfaction. That’s because an AIO vape usually offers better battery life and more e-liquid storage, so you won’t need to charge the device or refill the tank as often as you would with a pod system.
  • You should buy a vape mod if you want a vaping device that offers the greatest possible performance and flexibility and don’t mind the fact that vape mods are a bit larger, heavier and more complicated than other types of vaping devices. A vape mod isn’t always the ideal device for a new vaper, but it might be exactly what you want if you’ve gained some vaping experience and are looking for something that offers better performance.