Vape Mod Battery Life

Do you ever wish that your vape mod could last a bit longer on a battery charge? Of course you do. No matter how much battery technology has advanced and continues to advance, it’s still incredibly difficult to get a vape mod to last all day on a battery charge. Having a vape mod that begins the day with a full charge and still has some juice left at the end of the day feels like just a dream for many vapers. The more our battery cells grow in capacity, the more demanding our vape tanks become – so overall, the battery life of a vape mod often seems about the same as it’s ever been.

Improving the battery life of your vape mod is a matter of doing two things. First, you want to get more vaping time out of each battery charge – and second, you want to improve the longevity of your batteries, so you won’t need to replace them as often. Sometimes, it probably seems like those two goals will be impossible to reach, but the truth is that improving the battery life of a vape mod isn’t as difficult as you might think. Just heed the advice in this article, and you’ll find that owning a vape mod that lasts all day on a single battery charge – and spending less money on new batteries – is finally in your reach.

Improve Vape Battery Life

Make Sure You’re Using the Right Vaping Device for Long Battery Life

The first thing you need to know about improving the battery life of your vape mod is that you’re not going to get the battery life you want if you aren’t using the right vaping hardware. If you’re using a vape mod with a permanent internal battery or a single removable battery, you’re not going to get great battery life because it’s very difficult for a single battery to offer acceptable performance in an extremely demanding application.

Vaping is actually one of the most demanding things that you can do with a single battery cell. One high-capacity 18650 battery has around the same capacity as the battery in your phone. Your phone’s battery can last a few days under light usage conditions, though, but a single-battery vape mod requires charging several times a day. Vaping is extremely hard on a battery – so what’s the solution? The solution is to buy a dual-battery vape mod.

These Are the Best Dual-Battery Mods on the Market Today

If you want to experience the best battery life that a vape mod can offer, your best bet is always to use a dual-battery mod because two batteries means twice the battery life. In addition to offering longer battery life, dual-battery mods can also potentially produce much larger clouds since they can operate at higher wattages. Here are some of the best dual-battery mods that you can buy today.

  • Geekvape T200: Have you ever used a vape mod with a touch screen? If you have, there's a good chance that you were somewhat disappointed by the experience because the earliest touch-screen mods weren't very responsive and didn't have great user interfaces. Those problems are completely fixed with the new Geekvape T200, which reaches a maximum power of 200 watts using two 18650 batteries.
  • Voopoo Drag 4: The Voopoo Drag 4 is the latest device in the legendary Drag series from Voopoo, which signaled the debut of Voopoo's Gene chipset and has only gotten better since then. Capable of firing any coil in a fraction of a second, Gene remains the most advanced chipset ever created for a vape mod. The Drag 4 reaches a maximum power of 177 watts and boasts some great luxury features like three-amp charging and real wood trim. You probably won't find another vape mod anywhere that feels more like a true high-end piece of consumer electronics.
  • SMOK Morph 2: If you want a vape mod that's capable of reaching some truly impressive power levels, you should look no further than the SMOK Morph 2. This device can operate at a truly awe-inspiring maximum power of 230 watts, and the included SMOK TFV18 tank has the highest level of vapor production of anything SMOK has ever produced. Be warned -- this baby uses a lot of vape juice! 

There are three reasons why a dual-battery mod is the right choice if you care about battery life.

  • Having two batteries means that you’ll enjoy double the battery capacity. Depending on the type of cells installed in your mod, you’ll enjoy a total capacity of around 5,000-8,000 mAh.
  • A dual-battery mod splits the work across two cells. If you switch from a single-battery mod to a dual-battery mod without changing your vaping wattage, the batteries in the new mod are essentially working half as hard as the batteries in the old mod.
  • Let’s suppose that you’re using a single-battery mod with a maximum power of 80 watts, and you’re vaping at 50 watts. You’re fairly close to the maximum power delivery of your device, so the battery is working rather hard and is probably becoming very warm during operation. A dual-battery mod, on the other hand, can typically operate at up to 200 watts or even a little higher. If you’re still vaping at 50 watts, you have a lot of headroom available, and the batteries aren’t working hard at all.

Keep Your Vape Batteries Away From Extreme Temperatures

Vape Battery Life

Using or storing your vape mod in extreme heat or cold is one of the worst things that you can do for battery life and longevity. Extreme temperatures sap the power out of batteries and can cause chemical changes that reduce the batteries’ capacity permanently. A lithium-ion battery is always happiest in a cool room. Don’t vape outside on a snowy day or in direct sunlight. Never store a vaping device or vaping batteries in your car. Learn more about vape battery safety.

Buy a Second Pair of Batteries

One way to help your batteries last as long as possible is by giving them periodic rests instead of using them constantly. If you have only one pair of batteries for your mod, it means that you’re always either using the batteries or recharging them. If that’s the case, the batteries probably won’t last long.

Buy a second pair of vape batteries. That way, you can charge one pair of batteries while vaping with another pair. Essentially, you’re splitting the total work in half, which should make your batteries last twice as long.

In addition, the batteries in the charger will be done charging before the batteries in your mod are dead. The batteries will actually get some time to rest and cool down instead of being used constantly throughout the day.

Buy a Good Battery Charger

A good standalone battery charger is one of the absolute best things that you can buy if you’re a committed vaper. A good battery charger is useful anyway, because it can charge standard household rechargeable batteries in addition to charging your vaping batteries – but another major benefit is that a good charger can let you select the speed of charging if you like.

The standard charging current for an 18650 battery is usually 1 amp. However, a good battery charger will usually let you charge at 0.5 amp instead. Cutting the charging rate in half does double the charging time, but it also means that the batteries will generate significantly less heat during charging. That’ll translate to significantly improved longevity, and you won’t need to buy new batteries as often.

Make Sure You’re Using Top-Quality Vape Batteries

One of the things you might not know about vape batteries is that the company whose name is on the battery is not the company that actually manufactured the cell. There are only a few companies in the world that make 18650 batteries. Those companies include Samsung, LG and Sanyo. You’ll notice that when you buy a vape battery, though, none of those names are on the label. Instead, you’ll see a name like IMREN.

The companies that sell 18650 batteries to consumers actually buy the cells from the original manufacturers and put their own brand names on them. That’s a standard industry practice because the original manufacturers of those batteries do not sell them to the public. If you’re buying batteries, then, it’s extremely important to buy from reliable brands that source top-quality cells from the original manufacturers and do not exaggerate the capabilities of those cells. If you buy batteries from a cut-rate brand, you’re going to pay a higher price over the long term because you’ll need to replace those cells more often.

There’s another thing that’s even more important than buying batteries with a reputable brand name – you also need to buy from a trusted seller. Here at Vape Juice, we source our vape batteries only from authorized distributors, and there’s a very good reason for that: Buying gray market batteries is a dangerous practice.

If you buy batteries from an unknown seller, you could be buying from a seller that takes used batteries – from old laptop battery packs, for instance – and puts new wrappers on them. The battery’s outer wrapper looks fresh and new, but the cell inside the wrapper may have seen years of use. At that point, the battery’s capacity is permanently reduced, so you’ll never get good life out of it. Even worse, a battery from an old laptop can’t handle the high load that a vape mod generates; it could potentially be very dangerous. Learn how to choose the best 18650 battery for your needs.

Use a More Efficient Vape Tank

The final thing that you can do to improve the battery life of your vape mod is to choose vaping hardware that doesn’t generate as much of a load. If you’re using an older vape tank – something that was considered a serious cloud beast a couple of years ago, maybe – there’s a good chance that the tank uses a huge atomizer coil that requires a ton of power. There was a time when it was common to find vape tanks with atomizer coils that had as many as 12 individual heating wires, all working at the same time. Those tanks often required more than 100 watts of power in order to operate efficiently – and if you’re vaping at over 100 watts, you’re not getting good battery life.

You can get much better battery life out of your vape mod by switching to a mesh coil tank. Compared to a tank with traditional wound coils, a mesh coil tank produces clouds that are just as big – sometimes even bigger – but requires significantly lower power delivery. Mesh coils can make it possible for you to vape at a lower wattage without compromising your satisfaction, and that’ll translate to greatly improved battery life.