Rechargeable Vapes

In the past, using a disposable vape meant that you could enjoy your device until the light started blinking. At that point, you’d know that the device’s battery was dead and that it was time to start using a new device.

The thing about the disposable vapes that most people were buying in the early 2020s, though, was that they only tended to last about 300 puffs each. For most people, that’s only about a day or two of usage. People weren’t satisfied with that. They wanted longer-lasting disposable vapes, and that makes perfect sense. After all, Vape Juice comprises a tiny fraction of a disposable vape’s cost. When you buy a disposable vape, you’re mostly paying for the battery, the enclosure and the electronic components. A disposable vape with an enormous e-liquid capacity doesn’t cost significantly more than a smaller device.

Today, the longest-lasting disposable vapes last many thousands of puffs while costing only a tiny fraction more than the smaller devices of the past. That’s been truly revolutionary for the world of disposable vapes, to the point where the 300-puff devices from a few years ago have now become almost impossible to find.

If you’re curious about rechargeable vapes, this is the guide for you.  Whether you’re new to vaping – or just new to disposable vapes – you’re going to learn everything you could possibly want to know about these devices. By the time you’re done reading, you’re going to know the answers to these questions.

  • What are rechargeable vapes?
  • How do rechargeable disposable vapes work?
  • How long do rechargeable vapes last?
  • What are the best rechargeable vapes?

Let’s jump in and learn more.

What Are Rechargeable Vapes?

A rechargeable disposable vape differs from traditional disposable vapes in that it has a rechargeable battery. With a traditional disposable vape, you need to discard the device when the battery dies or when the device runs out of e-liquid. That isn’t the case with a rechargeable vape – when the battery dies, you can recharge the device and keep using it until all of the vape juice is gone.

Puff Hotbox Rechargeable Vape

The reason why rechargeable vapes exist is because – as we mentioned above – people want their devices to last longer. Back when disposable vapes only lasted about 300 puffs each, they were actually about as expensive as two packs in many regions even though they didn’t last as long as the cigarettes they were replacing. Outfitting a disposable vape with a rechargeable battery allows it to have a much larger e-liquid supply at about the same price, which means that the amount of money you spend on vaping per day is much lower.

In the past, using a refillable device was always the cheapest way to vape – but today, disposable vapes last so long that the difference isn’t so cut and dry. Many people find that, for them, using a rechargeable disposable vape costs just a dollar or two per day. Vaping can’t really get any cheaper than that.

How Do Rechargeable Disposable Vapes Work?

A disposable vape either stores its vape juice in a wick positioned next to the heating coil or in a reservoir similar to what you’d have with a traditional vape tank. When you vape, the e-liquid held close to the atomizer coil is vaporized. Through absorption, the wick brings more vape juice to the coil. This continues until the vape runs out of e-liquid, or the battery’s charge runs out.

Recharging a disposable vape is easy, but it’s important to know that you might need to provide your own charging cable because rechargeable vapes usually don’t include them. You don’t need a new cable every time you buy a rechargeable vape – you just need one. Including a USB cable with every rechargeable vape would make the devices more expensive than they need to be.

NKD 100 Max Rechargeable Vape

When a rechargeable vape blinks, it’s time to charge the battery. You’ll do that by connecting the vape to your computer via the USB port and waiting for the light to change. When the indicator light changes color or turns off, the device is charged. You’ll need to charge the device approximately once per day until it runs out of e-liquid.

How do you know when a rechargeable vape is out of e-liquid? If the device has a visible reservoir, you can just use your eyes. If it uses an enclosed wick, you’ll have to pay attention to the flavor. When a rechargeable vape starts to get low on e-liquid, the richness of the flavor will drop dramatically. At that point, you’ll know the device is nearly finished. When a rechargeable vape is completely out of vape juice, it’ll taste harsh and burnt. It’s time to dispose of the device when it reaches that point.

How Much Are Rechargeable Vapes?

You can buy a rechargeable vape for as little as $12.99. That’s the price of the NKD 100 Max, which has a rechargeable battery and lasts up to 4,500 puffs.

Regardless of which rechargeable vape you ultimately end up buying, though, you can expect not to spend much. Here at, all of the disposable vapes that we sell cost less than $20.

How Long Do Rechargeable Vapes Last?

The longest-lasting disposable vape available at is the Puff Hotbox 7000, which costs $19.99 and lasts up to 7,000 puffs.

So, how long can you expect a rechargeable vape to last if it delivers up to 7,000 puffs? The answer is that it varies depending on your vaping patterns. We’ll discuss that in greater detail in a moment. Before we get to that point, though, let’s talk about how the puff count relates to the way in which you’d smoke a cigarette. On average, a smoker usually puffs on a cigarette somewhere between 8-15 times before putting it out. Based on that, let’s assume that the equivalent of a cigarette is about 12 puffs. If that’s the case, then 240 puffs with a disposable vape should be about equal to one pack of cigarettes. In that sense, a rechargeable vape like the Puff Hotbox 7000 is roughly equal to 29 packs of cigarettes. That’s huge!

Elf Bar BC5000 Rechargeable Vape

Before you assume that a 7,000-puff rechargeable vape is nearly equal to three cartons of cigarettes, though, it’s important to remember that a disposable vape’s puff count isn’t a guarantee – it’s the maximum number of puffs that the device can produce under absolutely ideal conditions.

If you want a rechargeable vape to come close to the puff count printed on the package, pay attention to these three tips.

  • Take short puffs when you vape. Manufacturers of disposable vapes usually base their advertised puffs counts on an average puff duration of no more than about one second. Suppose your average puff is two seconds. Your puffs will still feel short to you, but your device will only deliver about half of the advertised puff count in that case.
  • Give the device several seconds to cool down after each puff. If a disposable vape gets hot, it’ll exhaust its e-liquid supply more quickly.
  • Don’t use your disposable vape unless you would have smoked a cigarette. If you vape when you don’t really need the nicotine, you’ll end up replacing your devices every few days when they could easily have lasted longer than a week.

What Are the Best Rechargeable Vapes?

We’ve already mentioned two great rechargeable vapes in this article, and we think you’ll be very happy with either one if you’re not sure what to buy. If you’d like some additional options, though, we have some recommendations for you here. These are the best rechargeable vapes on the market in 2023.

  • Elf Bar BC5000: There is no disposable vape on the market more popular than the Elf Bar BC5000. It’s available in an ever-changing assortment of 51 different flavors and comes filled with 13 ml of nicotine salt vape juice. If you’re not sure which vaping device to try first, sometimes it’s safest to simply try what others are buying. That’s definitely the case with the Elf Bar BC5000, which sells thousands upon thousands of units around the world every day. Read our Elf Bar BC5000 review.
  • MKNE Bar: If you want something that lasts a bit longer, we think you’ll enjoy the MNKE Bar. Filled with 16 ml of vape juice and lasting up to 6,500 puffs, the MNKE Bar comes in 10 fruity flavors and has an appealing design that looks a little like a slot machine. Another interesting innovation of the MNKE Bar is that has a mesh coil for superb cloud production. If you need a rechargeable vape that can produce some seriously great clouds, the MNKE Bar is definitely it.
  • Monster Bar Max: Filled with 12 ml of vape juice and lasting up to 6,000 puffs, the Monster Bar Max is a great rechargeable vape to choose if you’re looking for a device made by a top vape juice brand. The Monster Bar Max is produced by the same company that makes the classic Jam Monster e-liquid range, and this device is equally as delicious.