How Long Does a Disposable Vape Last

What’s the first thing that you look at when you shop for disposable vapes? There’s a good chance that you look at the puff counts of the different devices before anything else. After all, it’s a big number right there on the front of the package that gives you an easy point of comparison between the various puff bars. What, however, does that number actually mean? How long does a disposable vape last you, and are there any ways to make a disposable vape last longer? We’ve got the answers you need right here.

What Does the Puff Count Mean on a Disposable Vape?

Let’s start by explaining what you’re really looking at when you see the puff counts of the various disposable vapes on the market. Is it really possible to get thousands of puffs out of a single pre-filled vaping device before it runs out of e-liquid? The answer is “yes” – with qualifications.

The first thing you need to understand about a disposable vape’s puff count is that the number printed on the package isn’t a guarantee. You can expect the device to deliver up to that many puffs. However, the way in which you use a disposable vape will affect the number of puffs it delivers. It’s not altogether different from how you might drink a can of soda; you could sip on it for hours, or you could down it in a few big gulps.

So, how do e-cigarette manufacturers calculate the number of puffs their disposable vapes will deliver? Some of them may simply estimate the likely puff count based on the volume of e-liquid a device contains. Others will use an automatic smoking machine. When a company uses a smoking machine to count the number of puffs a vape bar can deliver, the duration of each puff is probably one second at the absolute most.

How Long Does a Disposable Vape Last Compared to Tobacco Cigarettes?

According to an article published in Tobacco Regulatory Science in 2016, a smoker typically consumes a cigarette in 10-15 puffs during a span of 5-8 minutes. If you take the conservative side and assume that every 15 puffs from a disposable vape equals a tobacco cigarette, a disposable vape must deliver 300 puffs in order to equal one pack of cigarettes or 3,000 puffs to equal one carton.

In practice, you may actually need to puff more often on a disposable vape than you would puff on a cigarette due to the chemical manipulation that helps to make tobacco cigarettes as addictive as possible. However, you can think of the numbers above as a starting point until you have a better idea of how often you need to vape in order to feel satisfied. If you’re a pack-a-day smoker, you can expect to require a new disposable vape every day if you’re using a device with a capacity of up to 300 puffs.

How Can You Make a Disposable Vape Last Longer?

Have you gone through a few disposable vapes and found that they didn’t quite manage to deliver the number of puffs advertised? If a device falls a little short or the advertised puff count, that’s probably within the normal range of variability for such an inexpensive device. If you buy disposable vapes and consistently find that they never reach anywhere near the expected number of puffs, though, you probably need to change something about the way you’re vaping in order to make your disposable vapes last longer.

  • Take shorter puffs. Remember that, as we mentioned above, manufacturers of disposable vape bars estimate the number of puffs their devices will deliver based on a puff duration of one second at the most. If you puff for two seconds at a time, you can probably expect your device to deliver about half the advertised number of puffs.
  • Don’t chain vape; wait several seconds after each puff. If you puff continuously on a disposable vape, the battery and atomizer coil will start to become very warm. For a battery, excess heat is always a bad thing because it’ll drain the battery more quickly. Likewise, a hot atomizer coil will consume more e-liquid than it should. If you enjoy the vary warm vapor that a disposable vape delivers when you puff several times in succession, you can certainly do that – but you should expect the device’s puff capacity to decrease significantly. If you’re chain vaping because you want your device to produce bigger clouds, it might be time to consider investing in a pod system.
  • If your device’s flavor is gone and the number of times you’ve used the device is nowhere near the puff count advertised on the package, the problem could simply be that you’ve dried out the portion of the wick touching the atomizer coil. One of the reasons why it’s important to wait between puffs when you use a disposable vape is because the wick needs time to equalize itself. When you use a disposable vape, the atomizer coil vaporizes the e-liquid in the inner portion of the wick, which touches the coil. Between puffs, the inner portion of the wick refreshes itself with vape juice from the wick’s outer portion. If your disposable vape isn’t out of e-liquid, the flavor should return after you put the device down for a few minutes.

What Disposable Vape Has the Most Hits?

Reading this article, the main thing you’ve probably learned is that it’s actually somewhat unusual for a disposable vape to deliver precisely the number of puffs advertised on the package. For one thing, there are simply too many variables at play; you’re never going to duplicate the results that a manufacturer achieves under tightly controlled conditions with an automatic smoking machine. In addition to the extreme inherent variability of vaping, it’s also the case that manufacturers are always going to use statistics that present their products in the best possible light – especially when it comes to puff counts. The manufacturers know that the puff count is the first thing that you’re going to see when you look at a disposable vape in a vape shop. You’re going to use it as a point of comparison between the different brands, and a higher number is obviously better.

With that fact in mind, what disposable vape has the most hits?

We’d like to call your attention to three of the longest-lasting disposable vapes on the market. If you want something that can really deliver a number of puffs comparable to a full carton of cigarettes, these are the disposable vapes that you should consider.

  • The Funky Republic TI7000 lasts up to 7,000 puffs and features a beautiful mini-box design that’s guaranteed to draw eyes wherever your life’s adventures happen to lead you. It also has a completely innovative feature: a built-in screen that shows you how much e-liquid remains in the device. If you’re tired of never knowing when your disposable vape is about to run out of juice, you’ve definitely got to try this one. Contains 12.8 ml of e-liquid.
  • The Snow Wolf Ease disposable vape lasts up to 8,000 puffs and has a completely unique design that you aren’t likely to see anywhere else – it’s actually shaped like a tiny cup of slush or frozen soda. Just inhale through the straw when you want to use the device. Rechargeable via USB-C, the Snow Wolf Ease has a 650-mAh battery to provide all-day enjoyment. Contains 18 ml of e-liquid.
  • The Aloha Sun disposable lasts up to 7,000 puffs and is one of the vaping industry’s most popular new releases. Inspired by a range of fruity beverages enjoyed throughout the Hawaiian Islands, the Aloha Sun vape is an absolute must if you’re a fan of tropical flavors. Contains 15 ml of e-liquid.

How to Charge a Disposable Vape

As you’ve probably noticed, manufacturers have begun to build disposable vapes with some very impressive e-liquid capacities. At a nicotine strength of 50 mg/ml, a disposable vape with 8 ml of e-liquid contains 400 mg of nicotine. That’s a huge amount. It’s comparable to an entire carton of cigarettes at a tiny fraction of the price.

Despite the huge e-liquid capacity of today’s disposable vapes, though, there’s one thing about consumers’ preferences that hasn’t changed: People still want their puff bars to be as small as they can possibly be. You want a device that’s light, discreet and easy to carry in your pocket. Therefore, the manufacturers have a strong incentive to design disposable vapes that are as small as possible while storing as much vape juice as possible. The manufacturers have accomplished that by developing disposable vapes with rechargeable batteries.

In most cases, a rechargeable disposable vape will not include the required charging cable. That’s to keep costs as low as possible; you’ll need to supply your own micro USB cable for charging. It’s easy to recharge a disposable vape – just use a USB cable to connect the device to your computer. While the device charges, its indicator light will turn on. When the charging cycle is complete, the light will turn off or change to green.