Sore Throat from Vaping Cure

Along with dizziness from nicotine consumption and dehydration due to the moisture-absorbing properties of vape juice, throat soreness is one of the most commonly reported side effects of vaping. So, if you’ve just made the switch to vaping and are experiencing a sore throat, you can rest assured that you’re not alone. Getting a sore throat from vaping definitely isn’t a lot of fun.

Here’s the good news, though: If you have a case of vape throat, it’s easy to cure. All that you need to do is examine your current vaping setup to determine why it’s causing throat irritation. Once you’ve done that, you can make one or two small changes and start enjoying your experience again. In this article, we’re going to explain how to do it.

So, do you have a sore throat from vaping? Here’s the cure.

Vaping Sore Throat

Stop Using Old Coils

The number one reason why people who vape develop sore throats is because they’re using old coils. As you use a vape coil, residue from the ingredients in your e-liquid will begin to build up on the heating wire. Although all vape juice flavors can cause residue to collect on a coil, heavily sweetened e-liquids tend to cause coils to burn out more quickly than anything else. That’s because sucralose – the main sweetener used in vape juice – doesn’t actually turn fully to vapor when it gets hot. Instead, it’ll condense into a dark and sticky goo almost like overcooked caramel. If sucralose is causing your coils to burn out quickly, you can easily see that by looking at an old coil when you remove it from your device. You’ll see that the wicks and heating wires are discolored.

So, what’s the problem with residue on a vape coil? The problem is that when the residue becomes very thick, it’ll actually burn when you vape. In addition to ruining the flavor of your e-liquid, the residue will also cause your throat to feel irritated. Using an old coil is the most likely reason why vaping gives you a sore throat, and the cure is very simple: You need to install a new coil. You should add at least one box of replacement coils to your order every time you stock up on vape juice.

If you find that you’re replacing your coils too often and spending too much money on vaping supplies, there’s an easy way to make your coils last longer: You can switch to an e-liquid that uses little or no sucralose.

Turn Down Your Device’s Wattage

Does vaping give you a sore throat even with a new coil? In this case, you should check your device’s wattage to see if you’ve set it too high. Remember that every coil has a suggested wattage range printed on the box and etched into the side of the coil. The main reason why coils have suggested wattage ranges is to help people avoid the harsh “dry hits” that cause severe throat irritation. If you vape at a wattage higher than what’s recommended for your coil, the wick can dry out while you’re still in the middle of your puff. If that happens, the coil will overheat.

Note that the reason why a vape coil has a suggested power range instead of a single suggested wattage is because everyone vapes differently. If you take very long, deep puffs when you vape, you’ll need to set your device to a lower wattage. If you take shorter puffs, on the other hand, it’s okay to set your device to a higher wattage because you won’t have to worry about your coil drying out during your puffs. Don’t forget to wait a few seconds after each puff to give your coil’s wick a moment to absorb more e-liquid and refresh itself.

Drink More Water when You Vape

If you experience a sore throat when you vape, the problem may have nothing to do with your vaping hardware or the way you’ve configured it. It’s possible that you’re simply experiencing a natural reaction due to the ingredients in your e-liquid. In any vape juice, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol are the two most plentiful ingredients. One property both of those ingredients share is that they both absorb moisture. That’s why they’re commonly used in moisturizing products like eyedrops and lotions – they make your skin feel moist.

Although vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol are excellent moisturizers, they tend to have the opposite effect when you inhale them because your mouth and throat are already moist. Instead of bringing water to those parts of your body, VG and PG will tend to draw the moisture out – and when you exhale the vapor, that moisture is gone. Eventually, your throat will feel dry and sore. You’ll know that dehydration is the cause of your sore throat because your mouth will feel dry as well. Luckily, this is another cause of vape throat that has a very easy cure: You simply need to drink more water when you vape.

To ensure that you’ll always remember to stay hydrated, it’s a good idea to keep a bottle or glass of water nearby. If you’re already feeling severely dehydrated, stop vaping for a while and drink some water until your body returns to equilibrium.

Use a Vape Juice with Menthol

As this article draws to a close, we’ll talk about some changes that you can make to your e-liquid if your sore throat from vaping persists. The first thing that you should think about is the flavor of your vape juice. Did you know that menthol vape juice is some of the most popular e-liquid on the market today? That’s because menthol as an e-liquid flavoring has advanced far past its original role as a replacement for menthol cigarettes. Today, vape juice companies are adding menthol to a wide variety of other flavor profiles like candy, fruit and more.

Modern “ice” e-liquids use menthol in such low amounts that it doesn’t alter the base flavors of those products. You taste the flavor in exactly the way it was intended, and you don’t taste the overwhelming mint flavor that you would have experienced with the menthol e-liquids of the past. You do, however, feel a pleasant coolness in the throat – and that’s exactly what you want if you’re experiencing a sore throat from vaping. The menthol trend hasn’t just permeated the world of bottled vape juice; you can find many menthol disposable vapes today as well.

Try a Vape Juice with More Vegetable Glycerin

Earlier in this article, we mentioned the fact that all of the vape juices on the market use vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) as their base ingredients. One thing we didn’t mention, though, is the fact that VG and PG have properties that differ somewhat from one another.

One of the biggest differences between VG and PG is how they feel in your throat when you vape them. PG tends to create a feeling in the throat that’s slightly scratchy, and it can sometimes cause throat irritation as a result. VG, on the other hand, tends to feel smooth and moist in the throat. Most vape juice contains approximately a 50/50 blend of VG and PG in order to capitalize on the benefits of both. If you find that vaping gives you a sore throat, though, it’s worthwhile for you to consider switching to an e-liquid that’s higher in VG. You may find that it gives you a smoother and more enjoyable experience.

Switch to a Lower Nicotine Strength

One of the biggest trends in vaping these days is that many people are using vaping setups optimized for high-strength nicotine salt juice, such as disposable vapes and pod systems. Using a higher-nicotine e-liquid can be great when you’re new to vaping because it helps to ensure that you’ll have a satisfying and cigarette-like experience. Nic salt e-liquids can deliver nicotine extremely efficiently, which is an important part of ensuring that your experience will be a satisfying one.

One of the problems with using a high-strength vape juice, though, is that nicotine itself can be a throat irritant. Some people actually look forward to feeling that irritation in their throat when they vape. They call it “throat hit,” and they find that it makes the experience more satisfying because it reminds them of smoking. If the nicotine strength of your e-liquid is too high for your needs, though, you won’t feel satisfied when you experience the throat hit – you’ll just get a sore throat.

If you’ve tried all of the other tips in this article and find that vaping still gives you a sore throat, there’s a strong possibility that the nicotine strength of your e-liquid is too high. You should consider switching from nicotine salt to a lower-strength freebase e-liquid. When you make that switch, you’ll also want to begin using a more powerful vape mod or pod mod that’s capable of producing bigger clouds. That way, the lower nicotine strength won’t compromise your level of satisfaction because you’ll be inhaling more e-liquid when you vape.