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There are plenty of disposable vapes on the market today, and Elf Bar is the most popular brand at the moment without a doubt. As soon as you try an Elf Bar for the first time, you’ll see why. Every Elf Bar disposable delivers an unbelievably satisfying experience with every puff. Most people who try Elf Bars end up feeling a huge amount of loyalty toward the brand and trying almost all of the Elf Bar flavors on the market. Before you can become an Elf Bar convert, though, you’ve got to decide which flavor to try first – and that’s where this article is going to help.

One of the most important things to know about Elf Bars is that the flavor selection is always changing. Not only is Elf Bar continually adding new flavors to its product lineup, but new Elf Bar models are coming out as well – and those often have different flavor selections. In this article, we’ll focus on the classic 1,500 puff Elf Bar. However, we also encourage you to check out the 5,000 puff Elf Bar BC5000 if you’re looking for a device with an even higher capacity.

Without further ado, we present our list of the best Elf Bar flavors on the market – and if you’re still not sure if Elf Bar is the brand for you, take a look at our Elf Bar review for even more information about this great disposable vape.


If you’ve ever eaten a fresh mango, you know that the fruit near the skin can sometimes have a slightly peppery flavor. As it turns out, nicotine has a flavor somewhat resembling black pepper as well. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why mango immediately became one of the most popular e-liquid flavors in the world as soon as the first nicotine salt e-liquids began to hit the market a few years ago. When the sweet flavor of mango blends with the slightly peppery flavor of the nicotine, it creates an overall impression that strongly resembles eating the actual fruit. The Elf Bar Mango flavor has become an absolute classic of the vaping world. It’s one of the favorite Elf Bar flavors here at VapeJuice.com, and it’s definitely the one that you should consider trying first.


Speaking of e-liquid flavors that taste surprisingly realistic, blueberry is another flavor note that can be quite true to life when it’s executed well. The first blueberry e-liquids tended to combine blueberry with bakery notes to create vape juices that tasted like blueberry cupcakes or blueberry doughnuts. The Elf Bar Blueberry flavor, however, keeps things a bit simpler than that and tastes more like the flavor of the fresh fruit – or perhaps a blueberry candy in which fruit juice is one of the primary ingredients. If you’re a fan of classic orchard flavors, we think this will be one of your favorite Elf Bar flavors.

Strawberry Ice Cream

If traditional fruit e-liquid flavors aren’t quite sweet enough for your taste, a dessert flavor might be a bit more to your liking – and if that’s the case, you’ve got to try the Elf Bar Strawberry Ice Cream flavor. Just like in the culinary world, no flavor notes taste quite as perfect together as strawberries and cream. This Elf Bar flavor, however, takes things a bit further with a decadent vanilla ice cream base that’ll never fail to keep your sweet tooth satisfied when you’re in the mood for something a bit on the indulgent side.

Ice Cream Elf Bar

Banana Ice

Although plain fruit e-liquids are the true classics of the vaping world, there’s a new type of flavor combination that’s been getting even more attention recently: the fruit and menthol blend. Vape juice makers have learned over the years that menthol doesn’t always have to be the main ingredient in an e-liquid. Sometimes, menthol can be just as important when it’s actually a minor component of a more complex flavor profile. Specifically, blending a small amount of menthol with a fruity base adds a slight amount of intriguing coolness without dramatically changing the e-liquid’s overall flavor. The overall experience tastes a bit like eating a piece of fruit that’s been chilled in the refrigerator for a while before serving – and in the case of the Banana Ice Elf Bar flavor, it’s even more dramatic. Banana is one of the key ingredients in any blended fruit smoothie, and this flavor is going to leave you feeling like you’ve just made a trip to your favorite juice bar.

Blue Razz Lemonade

No discussion of the best Elf Bar flavors would be complete without a mention of the stone-cold classic of the vaping world: blue raspberry. Would you believe that blue raspberry isn’t actually a real fruit? It was actually created by the snack food industry as an alternative to the red candy and ice pop flavors that were already becoming too difficult to distinguish from one another. Blue raspberry became an animal all its own – and by the time we reached the ‘90s, it sometimes seemed as if the entire candy and snack food world had turned blue. It took a while for blue raspberry to really catch on in the vaping community – but when that happened, it happened in a very big way. The Blue Razz Lemonade flavor from Elf Bar is everything that you love about blue raspberry, and it blends a sweet raspberry base with the irresistible tartness of lemonade.

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava

Speaking of classic e-liquid flavor profiles, there’s no way that any list of great e-liquid flavors could ever be complete without a tropical fruit blend. If you’re the type of person who loves eating tropical-flavored candies by the handful, the Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava Elf Bar flavor is exactly the type of experience that you’ll want to return to again and again. The kiwi base adds a touch of juiciness that makes the overall flavor almost as refreshing as cracking open a bottle of real fruit juice. It’s the tart passion fruit, however, that ties the entire experience together. A tropical fruit blend is never complete without a bit of a sour edge. It’s the thing that keeps your palate interested and leaves you continually craving the next puff, and it’s a big part of what gives this Elf Bar flavor its magic.

Coconut Melon

There are two types of tropical flavor profiles that are popular within the vaping community. There are sweet-and-tart blends like the one mentioned above, and there are blends that omit the tart portion of the flavor equation in favor of a creamy note that adds a touch of decadence and creates a truly authentic dessert experience. If the dessert in question is a tropical one, there’s no question that coconut is the go-to flavor if you want to create a vape juice with a dash of irresistible smoothness. The Coconut Melon Elf Bar flavor blends a creamy coconut base with a top note of juicy melon to leave your palate completely satisfied with every puff.

Berry Elf Bar


After a trip to the tropics, it’s always great to return to the orchard and experience a flavor that’s a bit more on the traditional side. Although grape is certainly one of the most popular flavors on the market for candies and desserts, it’s actually not quite as common in the e-liquid world as you might think because capturing the authentic flavor of a slightly tart black grape in vape juice form is actually a fairly difficult thing to do. We think the people at Elf Bar did a terrific job with their Grape flavor. It’s got some of the complexity that you’d expect from real grapes, but it’s also got a good touch of sweetness as you’d expect with any great vape juice. The overall experience is a bit like eating a delicious grape candy from an old-fashioned candy store.

Strawberry Banana

Earlier in this article, we discussed the fact that the Banana Ice Elf Bar flavor tastes a bit like a fruit smoothie. However, there are some vapers out there who don’t particularly enjoy fruit-and-menthol blends and prefer more traditional e-liquid flavors without any added coolness. If you fall into that camp but would still like to try a great disposable vape that tastes like an authentic fruit smoothie, you’ve got to try the Strawberry Banana flavor from Elf Bar. That’s the standard smoothie right there – throw some bananas and a handful of fresh strawberries into a blender, and you’ll have a beverage fit for royalty. Elf Bar’s Strawberry Banana disposable vapes capture that experience in vapor form.

Apple Peach

We’ll conclude our list of the best Elf Bar flavors with a final trip back to the orchard for a traditional blend that tastes like the harvest season with every puff. The most perfect e-liquids for all-day vaping always combine sweet and sour notes, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with an Apple Peach Elf Bar. Sweet, juicy peach overwhelms your palate with juiciness on the inhale, but it’s the tart green apple finish that will leave you completely satisfied and waiting for the next puff.

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