Elf Bar BC5000 Review

The Eb Design disposable vape  is one of the most advanced and highest-capacity disposable vapes on the market. Shaped like a miniature box mod, the Elf Bar BC5000 is slim and light enough to fit comfortably in any pocket. Thanks to its unbelievable capacity of 13 ml, though, it has enough vape juice to keep you going for a long time. It’s practically a vaping device and a bottle of e-liquid in one package, and the price is incredibly affordable considering how long it lasts.

If you think that the Elf Bar BC5000 might be the best disposable vape for you, we’ll help you make your decision in this review – and if you’re already an Elf Bar fan, stick around for the bonus content at the end. We’ll explain how to fix some of the most common problems that can occur with the Elf Bar BC5000, so you can fix your device if something doesn’t go as you expect. Let’s dive in and learn more about this amazing disposable vape.

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What Is the eb design 5000?

The Eb Design is the latest high-capacity disposable vape from Elf Bar. Elf Bar has been the most popular maker of disposable vapes for a very long time now, and the BC5000 only cements the company’s claim as the industry leader. The Elf Bar BC5000 has an extremely stylish “mini box mod” shape and a gently sloping mouthpiece that makes it easy to take in big, immensely satisfying puffs of vapor. The Elf Bar BC5000 is definitely the disposable vape that you want if you have high nicotine requirements and aren’t easy to satisfy.

What Elf Bar BC5000 Flavors Are Available?

We’ve already devoted an entire article on this site to discussing the best Elf Bar flavors from the company’s classic line of disposable vapes, and the Elf Bar BC5000 has some new flavors along with a few classics. If you enjoyed the original flavor selection, we think that you might love these Elf Bar BC5000 flavors even more.

  • Cranberry Grape
  • Energy
  • Mango Peach
  • Pineapple Coconut Ice
  • Red Mojito
  • Strawberry Mango
  • Sweet Menthol
  • Tropical Rainbow Blast
  • Watermelon Bubblegum

How Much Nicotine Does an Elf Bar BC5000 Have?

Elf Bar BC5000 Reviews

The Elf Bar BC5000 has a nicotine strength of 50 mg/ml and an e-liquid content of 13 ml. In total, therefore, the device contains 650 mg of nicotine. Because it delivers about as much nicotine per puff as a tobacco cigarette would, we recommend using it sparingly. Puff on the device a few times, and when you feel satisfied, put it down for a while until your nicotine cravings return. If you only use your device about as often as you would have smoked a cigarette, it should last several days before you need to replace it.

How Many Puffs Does an Elf Bar BC5000 Have?

The Elf Bar BC5000 lasts up to 5,000 puffs. Because it has so much e-liquid, it has a rechargeable battery instead of the single-use batteries that most disposable vapes have. So, if you have a brand-new Elf Bar BC5000 that isn’t hitting, there’s probably no need to worry – chances are that it’s just time to recharge the battery. We’ll discuss that in greater detail in a moment.

Note that when we say that the Elf Bar BC5000 delivers up to 5,000 puffs, that’s only an approximation determined by the manufacturer based on how much e-liquid the device has and how long it lasts in simulated use. The simulations are based on the assumption that each of your puffs will be about one second long. If you tend to take longer, deeper puffs, the exact number of puffs that you get out of the device will probably be significantly fewer than 5,000.

How Many Cigarettes Does an Elf Bar BC5000 Equal?

No matter how you calculate it, the Elf Bar BC5000 is the equivalent of a lot of cigarettes. You can come up with an approximate number, however, based on the 5,000 puffs that the device delivers. If you usually puff on a tobacco cigarette 10 times before putting it out, that means the Elf Bar BC5000 is equal to 500 cigarettes – two and a half cartons. In practice, you probably won’t get quite that much use out of each device. It’s safe to say, however, that you’ll get plenty of use out of it. We do suggest using the Elf Bar BC5000 as if it were a cigarette to ensure that it will last as long as possible. Don’t keep it in your hand and puff on it mindlessly all day – puff on it until you’re satisfied and put it down for a while.

How to Use the Elf Bar BC5000

The best thing about using a disposable vape like the Elf Bar BC5000 is that it’s incredibly easy. All that you need to do is take your Elf Bar out of the package and puff on it as if you were puffing on a cigarette. That’s it! To have the best possible experience, though, it’s important to keep the following three pointers in mind.

  • Puff gently when using the Elf Bar BC5000 or any other vaping device. With a cigarette, you can puff as firmly as you want – but if you puff too firmly when vaping, you’ll end up with e-liquid in your mouth. All that you need to do is watch the device’s indicator light. When it turns on, you’re puffing as hard as you should. Puff slowly and deeply to get bigger clouds – but keep in mind that longer puffs will decrease the number of total puffs that you get out of the device.
  • As we mentioned above, don’t puff mindlessly on the Elf Bar BC5000. If you do, you’ll end up consuming more nicotine than you need. Try to use the device only as often as you’d smoke a cigarette. That’ll ensure that the device lasts as long as it possibly can, and it’ll also ensure that you don’t overconsume nicotine.
  • If your Elf Bar BC5000 blinks when you puff on it, it doesn’t mean that the device is out of e-liquid – it just means that the battery is dead. We’ll discuss how to charge the Elf Bar BC5000 in the next section.

How to Charge the Elf Bar BC5000

Elf Bar BC5000 Not Charging

If you’re using the Elf Bar BC5000 for the first time, you may not have noticed that the device is rechargeable because it doesn’t include a cable. The reason why a cable isn’t included with every device is because you only really need one – that’s no need to pay for another charging cable every time you buy a disposable vape. It would make the devices less affordable, and it would ultimately create a lot of waste.

You can charge the Elf Bar BC5000 with any USB-C charging cable. When the device’s light blinks, the battery is dead. Connect the Elf Bar to your computer to charge your battery. In about an hour, the indicator light will change color to show that the charging cycle is complete.

Since the Elf Bar BC5000 contains quite a large supply of e-liquid, you’ll likely need to recharge the battery several times before the device finally runs out of vape juice. You’ll know that it’s time to replace the device because one of two things will happen. Either it’ll stop producing vapor even when the battery is fully charged, or it’ll produce a burnt flavor. When the Elf Bar BC5000 runs out of e-liquid, it’s time to replace it.

Elf Bar BC5000 Blinking: What to Do

Most disposable vapes are single-use devices. The batteries aren’t meant to be recharged – so when they start blinking, it’s time to replace them. That’s not true with the Elf Bar BC5000 since it has a rechargeable battery. In this case, a blinking light only means that the battery is dead. As we mentioned above, you’ll be able to recharge the battery several times before the Elf Bar BC5000 finally runs out of e-liquid.

Elf Bar BC5000 Not Charging: What to Do

When you connect the Elf Bar BC5000 to your computer, the indicator light should turn on to indicate that the battery is charging. If that doesn’t happen, follow these three steps.

  • Connect the Elf Bar to your computer rather than a USB wall adapter. Many wall adapters – particularly the one that you use to charge your phone – use high-speed charging currents. Vaping devices are designed for lower-speed charging.
  • Check the device’s charging port for dust or lint. Use a toothpick to remove any contaminants that you find.
  • Try a different charging cable. You might be using a cable that isn’t designed for power delivery, or the cable could have internal damage that’s preventing it from operating normally.

Can You Refill an Elf Bar BC5000?

The Elf Bar BC5000 is a disposable vape, so it isn’t designed for refilling. When the device runs out of e-liquid, you should dispose of it responsibly and begin using a new device. Take a look at our selection of pod vaping systems if you’d rather use a device that you can refill.

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