Best Disposable Vape 2022

It may only be January, but we’re ready to call it right now: 2022 is definitely going to be the year of the disposable vape. Disposable vapes are better than ever. Thanks to the fact that all of the world’s top manufacturers of vaping products now make disposable e-cigarettes, they’re also more readily available than ever – and the flavor variety has never been better. If you’re currently a smoker and are about to try vaping for the first time, you’re probably more likely to buy a disposable vape than any other type of vaping device. We’ve also seen an increasing number of existing vapers switch from traditional vape kits to disposable vape over the past year – and that trend is only going to continue.

If there’s any downside to the market for disposable vapes as it currently stands, it’s that the vast selection might feel a little overwhelming if you don’t already know what you want. There’s so much variety in disposable vapes these days – both in the hardware and in the flavors available – that you may find it difficult to choose just one. That’s where we’re going to help. Here at, we carry a wide selection of disposable vapes that are all battle tested and approved by our staff of expert vapers. Reading this article, you’re going to get our picks for the best disposable vapes of 2022 – but first, let’s learn a bit more about the things you should consider when buying any disposable vape bar.

Why Should You Buy Disposable Vapes?

Suppose you’re trying to choose between a disposable vape and a more traditional vape kit. Why should you buy a disposable vape? Here are three of the biggest benefits.

  • Disposable vapes are just as satisfying as tobacco cigarettes. If you’re a smoker, you’ll find it very easy to transition directly from smoking to vaping with a disposable vape.
  • Disposable vapes require no maintenance. There’s nothing to recharge or refill, and there are no coils to replace. Using a disposable vape bar is definitely the most stress-free way to vape.
  • Disposable vapes are cheaper than ever thanks to reduced production costs, and that makes them significantly less expensive than tobacco cigarettes. They also last longer than ever, which further reduces the price. It’s gotten to the point where disposable vape bars may actually be cheaper than what you’d ordinarily pay for bottled e-liquid for a traditional vape kit.

Want to do a bit more research before buying? Learn more about the pros and cons of disposable vapes.

What Are Some of the Latest Features of Disposable Vapes?

Best Disposable Vapes 2022

Next, let’s discuss some of the new features that have made disposable vapes so much better than ever in 2022. With so many companies now making disposable vape bars, product differentiation has become crucial. These are some of the new features that you’ll find in the best disposable vapes this year.

  • Almost all of the disposable vapes on the market are now filled with synthetic nicotine vape juice. Unlike the tobacco-derived nicotine used in most e-liquid, tobacco-free nicotine is synthesized in laboratories to create a cleaner product with better flavor definition.
  • Some high-capacity disposable vapes are now using rechargeable batteries. Having a rechargeable battery means that you can top up the battery’s charge when the vapor production starts to decrease and squeeze every last drop of e-liquid out of your device.
  • Many disposable vapes are now using advanced vapor delivery technologies such as mesh coils for better vapor production and ceramic wicks for improved heat resistance. Advanced coil technologies help to ensure that you’ll get the best possible flavor from the beginning of the device’s life to the end.

What’s the Meaning of the Puff Count in a Disposable Vape?

When you shop for disposable vapes, you’ll see that it has a list of specifications on the package. Most notably, you’ll see that each device offers a certain number of puffs. Here are the things that you need to understand about the puff count on a disposable vape.

  • When considering what the puff count on a disposable vape means, you can think of 200 puffs as being roughly equal to one pack of cigarettes.
  • A disposable vape delivers up to the number of puffs specified. In practice, you may not get exactly that number of puffs.
  • The puff count on a disposable vape is given with the assumption that you’ll be taking short puffs with breaks in between to let the device cool down. Longer puffs and very frequent vaping will decrease the life of a disposable vape.

With those things out of the way, let’s take a look at the best disposable vapes of 2022.

Monster Bar Disposable Vape

Monster Bar Disposable Vape

Buy It Now: $11.80

  • Battery capacity: 1,000 mAh
  • E-liquid capacity: 6.0 ml
  • Nicotine strength: 5%
  • Number of puffs: Up to 2,500
  • Flavors: Banana Ice, Blueberry Jam, Blueberry Raspberry Lemon, Blueberry Raspberry Lemon Ice, Mango Peach Guava, Mango Peach Guava Ice, Mint, Mixed Berry, Mixed Berry Ice, Passionfruit Orange Guava, Passionfruit Orange Guava Ice, Smooth Tobacco, Strawberry Custard, Strawberry Jam, Strawberry Kiwi Pomegranate, Strawberry Kiwi Pomegranate Ice, Vanilla Custard

If you’re dead set on finding the best disposable vape on the market, you’ve got to give Monster Bar a try. With no less than 18 different flavors available, these definitely aren’t the cheap disposable vapes that you remember from the early years of vaping. The Monster Bar is extremely pocketable despite the huge 2,500 puff capacity, and we especially love the fact that almost every flavor is available in both regular and ice versions. No matter where you are on the menthol spectrum, you’ll find a Monster Bar flavor that’s perfect for you.

Lush Dual Disposable Vape

Lush Dual Disposable Vape

Buy It Now: $15.95

  • Battery capacity: 1,200 mAh
  • E-liquid capacity: 8.0 ml (two 4.0 ml compartments)
  • Nicotine strength: 5%
  • Number of puffs: Up to 2,500
  • Flavors: Apple Strawberry Sour Belt/Mango, Banana Funnel Cake/Strawberry Ice Cream, Blue Raspberry/Lemonade, Orange/Green Apple, Strawberry/Watermelon, White Grape Guava/Watermelon, White Peach/Honeydew

If you love variety, we doubt that you’ll ever find another disposable vape that’s more to your liking – not to mention more unique – than the Lush Dual disposable. The device features two separate 4.0 ml e-liquid compartments, and each compartment is filled with a different e-liquid flavor. Use the built-in switch to toggle between the two flavors. Buying the Lush Dual disposable vape bar is one way to guarantee that you’ll never get board of vaping.

Air Factory Stix Disposable Vape

Air Factory Stix Disposable Vape

Buy It Now: $12.95

  • Battery capacity: 400 mAh (rechargeable)
  • E-liquid capacity: 7.0 ml
  • Nicotine strength: 5%
  • Number of puffs: Up to 2,500
  • Flavors: Aloha Strawberry, Blue Razz, Blue Razz Iced, Melon Lush Iced, Mint, Peach Passion

With the Air Factory Stix disposable vape, one of the biggest selling points is that you’re buying a puff bar made by one of the world’s most famous e-liquid brands. Millions of vapers around the world are already huge fans of Air Factory’s delicious vape juices, and you can get those same amazing flavors in a convenient disposable format with this device. Another great feature of the Air Factory Stix is that it has a rechargeable battery, which allows the device to deliver an enormous count of up to 2,500 puffs despite its extremely pocketable size.

Bad Drip Synthetic Disposable Vape

Bad Drip Disposable Vape

Buy It Now: $13.99

  • Battery capacity: Not specified
  • E-liquid capacity: 4.0 ml
  • Nicotine strength: 5%
  • Number of puffs: Up to 1,200
  • Flavors: Dead Lemonade, Grapeful Dead, Peachy Apple Iced, Peachy Kiwi, Rawberry Melon

From one leading vape juice company to another, the Bad Drip Synthetic disposable vape is a new puff bar from the world-famous Bad Drip Labs. We love the extremely pocketable form factor of this device, and we also love the incredible flavor. It’s very clear that the people at Bad Drip Labs prioritized quality over quantity when designing this device and that they refused to release any flavor if it wasn’t absolutely perfect.

Puff Labs Boss Mesh Disposable Vape

Puff Labs Boss Mesh Disposable Vape

Buy It Now: $16.50

  • Battery capacity: 850 mAh (rechargeable)
  • E-liquid capacity: 8.0 ml
  • Nicotine strength: 5%
  • Number of puffs: Up to 3,500
  • Flavors: Blue Razz Ice, Cake, Gummy, Lush Ice, Mango Ice, Peach Mango Watermelon, Pina Colada, Pineapple Grape, Rainbow Ice, Strawberry Ice Cream, Strawberry Kiwi, Strawberry Watermelon, Tropical Slushy

If you’re looking for the next level of performance in a disposable vape, you’ll surely find it with the amazing Puff Labs Boss Mesh. This is one of the first puff bars on the market to include a mesh coil, and that allows it to produce some of the biggest clouds we’ve ever seen from a disposable device. The Puff Labs Boss Mesh also features a rechargeable battery, allowing you to drain every drop from the massive 8 ml supply of vape juice.

Ignite V15 Disposable Vape

Ignite V15 Disposable Vape

Buy It Now: $12.99

  • Battery capacity: 800 mAh
  • E-liquid capacity: 5.1 ml
  • Nicotine strength: 5%
  • Number of puffs: Up to 2,500
  • Flavors: Banana Ice, Blueberry Ice, Menthol, Orange Ice, Peach Cantaloupe Papaya

If you love a disposable vape with a real sense of style, you have to take a look at the awesome Ignite V15. This device is a real head turner, and it’s guaranteed to draw plenty of attention wherever you might go. It’s also one of the most pocketable disposable vapes on the market, which is perfect if you want to carry your device everywhere you go without feeling weighed down.

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