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Life just got easier.

Ever since the advance in vape technology a lot of people of been switching over from RDAs to Tanks. Especially within the last past 6 months due to the TF-V8 and the Baby TF-V8. With that being said coil packs are a must! Those who use the Baby Beast with have a brand new type of coil pack fresh in the shop. The V8 Baby-M2 is a great pickup. This coil pack brings massive clouds of vapor and produces extravagant flavor. It has a 0.3ohm reading with dual coils for more airflow and more flavor. The V8 Baby-M2 coil pack has a wattage range from 25W-45W but works best with a 35 watt setting. The cool thing about this coil pack which separates it from the rest is that they are compatible with 3.7V mechanical mods. The Stick V8 is a perfect example. These coils work great with the Stick V8 but can still be used in any Baby Beast or Big Baby Beast. Stop by Vape Juice and check these bad boys out.

  • Massive Clouds and Flavor
  • Compatible with 3.7V Mechanical Mods
  • 0.3ohm Dual Coils/ 0.15 Coils
  • 25W-45W (45-65W)

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