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The new V12 Prince-T10 Coils by Smok is one of the biggest things to hit the market recently. This vape tank is one of the best tanks in 2017 without a doubt and the V12 Prince-T10 Coils really complements it.

The V12 Prince-T10 Coils feature a heavy duty decuple coil head build that outputs a ton of power and clouds. The wattage range for these coils are anywhere from 60 watts to 120 watts and have ohm reading of .12ohm. These coils are more aimed towards maximum clouds followed up by some heavy flavor!

Like all Smoktech coils, the V12 Prince-T10 is made with pure organic japanese cotton which will allow your coils to last twice as long as they normally due. No more burnt cotton and gunked up coils no matter what type of e juice you are vaping on! Keep a steady supply of these brand new V12 Prince-T10 Coils by Smok so you have no downtime when it comes to chucking huge clouds!

  • Decuple Coil Head
  • .12Ohm Reading
  • 60W-120W
  • Recommended 80W-110W
  • Japanese Organic Cotton

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