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The V12 Prince-M4 Replacement Coils have arrived here at Vape Juice and they are by far one of the best coil heads to use with your brand new TFV12 Prince Tank! The M-Series coils by Smok are engineered for lower wattage usage well still maintaining massive flavor and cloud production.

So let’s hop into it!

The V12 Prince-M4 Replacement Coils have a .17ohm reading which allows them to heat up a lot faster a lower wattage. This coil head has a wattage range from 30 watts to 70 watts but works best between the wattages of 45 watts to 55 watts.

The V12 Prince-M4 Replacement Coils are made with organic japanese cotton allowing this special coil head to last twice as long no matter what type of flavored e juice you use it with! No more burning through a brand new coil within a couple of days. Those times are over!

Vape Juice sells the V12 Prince-M4 Replacement Coils by Smok in packs of three so make sure you grab a couple this way you are never stuck with a burnt out coil again!

  • .17 Ohm Reading
  • 30W-70W
  • Works Best From 45W-55W
  • Organic Japanese Cotton
  • Packs of Three

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