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The Smok V8 X-Baby Q2 coils are here at Vape Juice for everyone that loves the brand new X-Baby Tank! One thing for sure is that there is nothing worse than getting stuck with a burnt out coil so make sure you stock up on these bad boys while they are still in stock! The V8 X-Baby Q2 coils use a dual coil mechanism which features two big coils laid on top of each other. It has a .4 ohm resistance reading so anyone who loves a lot of flavor and huge clouds this is the coil for you! It has a wattage range from 40 watts to 80 watts so this is more for the serious vapers that love to take huge rips. With the X-Baby Beast Tank having a top air flow mechanism, this coil complements the tank perfectly which produces one of the most satisfying experiences ever. Do not wait until your are on your last coil! Grab a pack of three now so you never have downtime when it comes to blowing clouds!

  • .4 Ohm Reading
  • 40 Watts to 80 Watts
  • Dual Coil Mechanism
  • Complements Top Airflow Mechanism

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