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Are you looking for stronger power and denser flavor?

The SMOK V8 Baby Strip Coils are now here at Vape Juice which is great news for everyone who uses a SMOK Baby Beast Tank! This coil integrated mesh coil technology, produces more flavor, last longer, and allows you to crank up your tank to a wattage range that used to be unreachable!

The SMOK V8 Baby Strip Coil has an ohm reading of 0.15 and has a wattage range of 40 watts to 100 watts. This range has never been reachable before with the Baby Beast tanks but due to the new mesh coil technology you can experience vaping on a whole other level! SMOK does recommend that you use these coils between the 80 to 90 watt range just because between this range is when the coil works to its full potential.

Not only does the brand new mesh coil technology produce more flavor and clouds but it helps with the longevity of the coil too! Mesh coil technology heats up the coil evenly so it eliminates the chances of random burning on the cotton. Paired with organic Japanese cotton, these coils will last you way longer than your average coil!

SMOK has always been known to be the leading brand in vaping technology as well as vaping hardware in general. Their products are carried across the globe and are very much sought after. Here at Vape Juice, SMOK has always been a bestseller and we personally love their products.

Sold in packs of five, the SMOK V8 Baby Strip Coils are extremely powerful, versatile, and durable. They are compatible with the TFV8 Baby Beast, TFV8 Big Baby Beast, TFV8 Big Baby Light Edition, and TFV12 Baby Prince Tanks!

  • Sold in Packs of Five
  • 0.15ohm Reading
  • 40W-100W Range
  • Works Best Between 80W-90W
  • Long Lasting
  • Maximum Flavor
  • Japanese Organic Cotton
  • Mesh Coil Technology
  • Works With TFV8 Baby Beast, TFV8 Big Baby Beast, TFV8 Big Baby Light Edition, and TFV12 Baby Prince Tanks!

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