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The SMOK TFV12 Prince Cobra Tank is one of the best vape tanks in the industry right now. SMOK hardware has always paved the way and set the standard for what we should look for in vaping hardware.

With that being said, to accompany you and your new tank you are going to need some coils! Vape Juice just received the V12 Prince Triple Mesh Coils and they the absolute go-to if you are looking for an intense vaping experience.

The 0.15ohm reading paired with the triple mesh technology yields a flavor and cloud experience that has never been seen before. The V12 Prince Triple Mesh Coils have a wattage range of 60 watts to 100 watts but you will find that the optimal flavor comes from the 80 watts to 90-watt range.

The Prince Triple Mesh Coils use Organic Japanese Cotton so that not only does e juice saturate a lot more efficiently but the coil life span on average is a lot longer! Nothing is worse than burning out a coil the next day from changing it.

Overall, if you are using a Prince Cobra Tank and do not have a pack of these bad boys then you are really missing out. Vape Juice highly recommends this set of coils to ANYONE who is using the Prince Cobra Tank.

  • Sold in Packs of 3
  • 0.15ohm Reading
  • 60W - 100W Range
  • Optimal Range 80W - 90W
  • Organic Japanese Cotton
  • Mesh Coil Technology

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