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An entryway starter kit is very essential when it comes to vaping.

Not everyone is into the big bulky, powerful mods that produce enough clouds to fill the sky. Sometimes all people want is a small but efficient starter kit that still delivers a flavor experience that is pleasant.

This is where the SMOK Priv N19 Starter Kit comes into play.

This brand new starter kit that is now on shelves here at Vape Juice is one of the best, if not the best, entry vape kit in the industry. The small and stylish design, internal battery, and triple airflow slot are just a few of the features that help win the argument.

Heading into details, one of the first things to really focus on in the amazing internal battery that the Priv N19 uses. It has a 1200mAh capacity which is more than enough to last you a whole day especially when the max wattage output is 30 watts. It is rechargeable via Micro USB which means essentially anywhere that has a USB slot or a car charger slot, you can recharge your battery.

The small, sleek, and appealing design makes this starter kit not only easy to fit into or bag, but also is easy to take on the go. Sometimes dragging around a three or two battery mega-mod is not the most convenient.

The Priv N19 uses a Vape Pen Nord 19 Tank which has a ton of awesome features to make your vaping experience one of the best.

It has a 19mm diameter so when it comes to size, it is on the smaller size and fits perfectly on top of the N19 Kit. It has a 2ML juice capacity which when using 30 watts, is more than enough to help eliminate constantly refilling throughout the day.

The Vape Pen Nord 19 Tank uses the SMOK Nord Coil series which have multiple different types to choose from including ones for premium vape juice, one for nicotine salts, and so on! Paired with a triple slotted bottom airflow mechanism that is adjustable, you can really tailor your vape hit to how you want it!

For an entry-level starter kit, or for an on the go lowkey vape kit, the SMOK Priv N19 Starter Kit is an amazing choice!


  • Small and Sleek Design
  • Easy to take On-The-Go
  • Available in 7 Color Options
  • Internal 1200mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • 30 Watt Maximum Output
  • LED Battery Life Indicator
  • Multiple Safety Functions
  • MicroUSB Slot
  • 2ML Juice Capacity
  • Triple Slotted Airflow
  • Top Fill Mechanism
  • Uses SMOK Nord Coil Series

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