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VGOD is the next big name in the vape industry. Their headquarters is based right here in our backyard of Orange County, California. They threw the term "TRICK LYFE"  in with the name VGOD because they specialize in making hardware and e juices that are perfect for doing vape tricks. We know some of the guys over at VGOD personally and they are always showing us what new products they are coming out with. We are stoked to stock our shelves with their flavors as we found all of them to be extremely delicious. They have a flavor called Baklava, which is a genuine flavor that tastes EXACTLY like a middle eastern piece of baklava. They made a scrumptious sour candy flavor called Sourlicious. It is profiled to taste like a piece of sour watermelon candy. It is another genuine flavor that had our lips puckering and our taste buds tingling. Cubano is one of GOD's most unique flavors. It is profiled to taste like a Cuban Cigar with hints of vanilla. Cubano tastes just like the way a Cuban cigar smells ( before it is smoked) and it is probably one of the best tobacco flavors we have ever tried. VGOD makes a delicious watermelon bubble gum flavor called Luscious. It tastes just like a piece of Bubblicious bubble gum. It is sure to bring you back to your childhood of blowing huge bubbles with a single hit. Coca is another tobacco flavor, but it has a unique twist. It is a mixture of tobacco, cake, and coconut. It is the perfect dessert-tobacco hybrid flavor. VGOD made sure to make a few menthol flavors as well. They have a three-pack called Frozen. It contains three different 30ML e juices that are sold together in one package for a total of 90ML. The three flavors are Berry Flurry, Lemon Crisp, and Mango Mist. They are mixed berry, lemon peel, and mango mixed with menthol flavor pack that allow you to switch up your flavor choice. The other menthol flavor we carry by VGOD is called Lushice. It is profiled to taste like watermelon, mixed melon, and menthol.  All of GOD's e liquids come in plastic unicorn bottles. Aside from Frozen, which we stated earlier to be 90ML, all of their vape juices come in 60ML bottles. We carry them all in 0MG, 3MG, and 6MG nicotine levels. Overall, VGOD has a lot to offer. We are stoked to have them in stock for all of our beloved customers. Scroll through our inventory and choose a flavor that fits your liking. No matter what you choose, we are confident you will love it. Enjoy!

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