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It is almost impossible to overstate the impact that the pod vaping trend has had on the vaping industry. When the first pod systems began to appear on the market in 2015, it was immediately obvious that everything was about to change. In the past, the smallest vaping devices had poor battery life and were ultimately unsatisfying because they didn't deliver nicotine efficiently enough to satisfy real smokers. Pod systems worked more reliably than cigalikes and had vastly superior battery life. More importantly, they were designed to use a new type of e-liquid -- nicotine salt e-liquid -- that delivered ample satisfaction, even when used with lower-output vaping devices.

For the vaping community, pod systems and nicotine salt e-liquid combined to create the perfect storm -- and Suorin was right there to capitalize on the new trend. Suorin makes what we believe are undeniably the most stylish pod vaping systems in the world. They're also some of the most popular pod systems, and with millions of systems sold worldwide, Suorin is a company that's had ample opportunity to refine their designs and ensure that their systems work flawlessly from the moment they're removed from their boxes. 

Suorin vaping devices work best with nicotine salt e-liquids.

Who Is Suorin?

With their American branch based in Chino, California, Suorin is a vape hardware manufacturer with the type of laser-sharp focus that we've rarely seen in the history of the industry. Suorin's method of doing business is incredibly simple:

  • They make nothing but pod systems.
  • Each system has its own unique sense of style. A Suorin device always turns heads, and you're going to love showing your device off to your vaping friends.
  • Each system is refined to a razor's edge. Suorin devices are incredibly reliable, and they always work exactly as you expect.

Suorin Pod Vaping Systems

Curious about the lineup of Suorin pod vaping systems? The good news is that every Suorin device uses the same basic technology; that's why they all work so well. In that sense, you can make your choice based on the physical design that most appeals to you. In this section, though, we'll tell you a bit about the subtle differences between Suorin's pod vaping systems.

Suorin Drop

In the history of the vaping industry, there have been just a few truly iconic devices -- and the Suorin Drop is definitely one of them. This incredibly popular vaping device is on the shelves at virtually every vape shop, and its delicate teardrop shape is instantly recognizable wherever you go.

Suorin Air

If you're looking for a device that's a little less flashy and a little more understated, look no further than the Suorin Air. It's got a sleek credit card shape that's classy and fashionable in any setting, and it also features a stellar battery capacity of 400 mAh. Between the hefty battery and the wonderfully large 2 ml pod, this is a device that's definitely not going to let you down if you need something that's always ready for all-day vaping. Like most Suorin devices, the Suorin Air comes in several beautiful colors to suit your personal fashion sense -- and with this device's low price, it's easy to own more than one if you like.

Suorin Vagon

The Suorin Vagon is the perfect device for you if you're looking for a pod system with a more traditional pen shape. The Vagon is so sleek and curvy, though, that we actually find it somewhat evocative of a luxury sports car. Deftly straddling the line between flashy fashion and delicate understatement, the Vagon is a device that's perfect for all settings. The Suorin Vagon features a refillable 2 ml pod, and its powerful built-in battery has a capacity of 430 mAh.

Suorin iShare

If you'd like to share your vaping experience with a loved one -- or have two e-liquid flavors ready to go at all times -- you've got to take a look at the Suorin iShare. This kit comes with two complete vape pens, each with its own battery and refillable pod. That's not all; the Suorin iShare kit also comes with a portable battery charging cradle that has its own 1,400 mAh internal battery. You can charge the cradle with a USB cable, and the cradle will keep your two iShare vape pens charged all day.

Vape Juice Loves Suorin Pod Vaping Systems

Suorin is one of those companies that you are glad is around! Specializing in nicotine salt systems and always trying to innovate and make vaping easy, more compact, and more pleasurable. That is why we are working on keeping Suorin and all of their products fully stocked up. Suorin has become the go-to brand when speaking of good nic salt devices. It is no wonder with their simplicity and unique designs, that they have made a name for themselves.

Our Favorite Suorin Pod Systems

The Suorin Air Kit is one of the coolest and most unique products that Suorin as initially dropped. This kit is awesome and perfect for anyone new to the nicotine salt game or anyone who wants to get started. It is the perfect go-to for anyone who likes to vape on the go. The size and shape of it make it a breeze to take with you just about anywhere!

The second product we have from Suorin is the Suorin Drop Kit. Just like the Suorin Air, this is a small and compact nicotine salt portable vape device only this one is in the shape of a raindrop. Also, like its brother, this one is good for on the go vaping.

Why Are Suorin Devices So Great?

One of the best things that I like about Suorin and their nicotine salt systems is that they allow you to use any nicotine salt that you have so the flavors and possibilities are truly endless with these devices. Some companies like to make it so that you have to use their salt with their devices, but not Suorin and we like that :)

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