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Give your pod vape something good to cook with the Salty Man series.

What is Salty Man?

The Salty Man brand is one of the most extensive and reliable collections of premium grade nicotine salt vape juice flavors you can find on the market. Produced in Los Angeles at the metaphorical forefront of the vaping mecca, Salty Man is one of the original series of nicotine salt products to grace the vaping community and for years now has been one of the most sought after and must experience collections of e juice we have ever seen.

What are nicotine salt e juices?

These nicotine salt products that Salty Man and other companies produce utilize a higher concentration of a more natural form of nicotine that allows for a higher consumption rate without the usual discomfort and harshness that follows. This tends to help smokers make the switch to vaping by giving them the nicotine they need to stay away from cigarettes without turning them away with the throat hit of having 20-50mg of nicotine. 

Where can I buy Salty Man e liquids?

The Salty Man collection is currently comprised of twelve delectable blends, all of which we carry here at in 30ml bottles with nicotine concentration choices of 30mg and 50mg depending on your needs. The twelve flavors that compose the Salty Man menu are: Pink Milk, 7 Up Pound Cake, Hoops, Juicy Box, Juice Box On Ice, Seedless Watermelon, Kacti Kooler, Purple Reign, Chew, Blue’s Lemonade, Marshmallow Crispy, and Kool Peach.

What are some of the most popular Salty Man vape juice flavors?

Some of our favorites from this series would be Marshmallow Crispy, Juice Box On Ice, Kacti Kooler, and Blue’s Lemonade. Marshmallow Crispy captures a classic snacktime treat of a baked rice snack coated in melted marshmallows. Juice Box On Ice provides a stunning apple juice flavor lined with icy menthol to cool things off. Kacti Kooler delivers a nostalgic beverage blend of orange and pineapple flavored soda pop. Blue’s Lemonade is a tangy burst of sour lemonade and tart blue raspberries for a mouth watering summer splash.

If your pod vaping device is lacking that extra umph you think you need, then score a bottle of Salty Man and see why the saltiest man on earth is also the most delectable.

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