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Cuttwood Vape Juice


What's the way to become famous in the vaping community as an e-liquid company? Speaking from years of experience as the world's best online vape shop, our opinion is that the surefire way to become a legendary vape juice brand is by picking one thing and doing it better than anyone else. Sure, it's wise to expand your horizons and create an interesting range of flavors that please as many people as possible, but an e-liquid brand should never stray too far from its base. What's Cuttwood's base? The reason why the Cuttwood name is a stone-cold legend in the vaping community is because this is the brand that started the cereal e-liquid trend. That's right -- there are probably hundreds of different cereal vape juice flavors on the market today, but Cuttwood was there first.

So, what's the vape juice that you should try if you're interested in discovering the magic of cereal e-liquid for yourself? In our opinion, the legendary vape juice Boss Reserve is every bit as distinctive and delicious as it was on the day of its release. This vape juice begins with the combination of crispy fruit cereal and cold, creamy milk. It's the same combination that you can find in Bird Brains, another classic Cuttwood vape juice. Boss Reserve, however, is like having that same bowl of cereal topped with a handful of toasted nuts and some fresh sliced bananas. 

When you're ready to take a break from cereal e-liquids and want to try something a little different, Cuttwood has you covered -- and they put the same care into their other flavor profiles as they do their cereal e-liquids. For evidence of Cuttwood's true flavor mastery, look no further than Tobacco Trail. Capturing the flavor of honey-toasted tobacco, this vape juice is an absolute must for the tobacco fans of the vaping community.


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