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A new nicotine salt collection is in town and they are here to take over the nic salt industry! One salt nic at a time!  This collection that is taking the industry by storm is called Revenge Vapes Salted.

These guys were created by the one and only Hornco Liquids who also created the popular e juice brand, Revenge Vapes. Each nic salt in this collection is based on the flavors in the e juice collection.

Revenge Vapes Salted was created in North Carolina by nic salt users for nic salt users. They know what it takes to make the best nicotine salts on the market and they test and have pride in each one of their products they put out to their customers!

Some of the salt nic flavors in this collection are Marie Laveau, Vengeance, Payback, and Punishment. Each salt nic is jam-packed with never fading flavor that you can enjoy all day and night and never have to worry about any consequences!

Marie Laveau takes on the flavor of exotic mixed fruits! This mysterious flavor will keep you coming back for more and more.

Vengeance has the melt in your mouth flavor of a caramel candy topped off with smooth whipped cream!

Payback takes on the flavor of juicy and sweet mixed fruits like lychee, strawberry, and kiwi!

Last, Punishment has the incredible flavor of an ice cold blue raspberry slushy! You know the flavor we’re talking about!

Vape Juice carries Revenge Vapes Salted in 30ML bottles with concentrated nicotine level options of 25MG and 50MG.

Try them all and find your new all day nic salt today!

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