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Are you guys ready for some of the best all-around nicotine salts in the world?!

We here at Vape Juice just received some of the most delicious, refreshing, and full body flavored nic salts and we cannot wait to share them with you!

NKTR Salt is the brand new salt nic collection to grace our shelves here! They were created by the very popular NKTR vape juice brand.

NKTR Salt stands out from their competition is a very unique way. They only use Tobacco Free Nicotine. This ensures that you get the absolute best flavor with each of their products. Using Tobacco Free Nicotine allows for a cleaner flavor which in turns gives you more of the flavor profiled in each salt nic! Pretty amazing, right?

We think so, too!

NKTR Salt’s entire flavor line is based around creating some of the most unique and clean fruit flavors. Some of the most notable are Citrus Ice, Island Blend, Sour Apple, and Original Mango.

Let’s take a closer look at these four premium nicotine salts in this nicotine salt collection!

Citrus Ice is profiled to taste like a refreshing blend of lemon, lime, and menthol. This is the perfect salt to keep you cool on those hot days.

Island Blend takes on the flavor of juicy guava and a mixture of other delicious tropical fruits that will make you feel like you’re on an island!

Sour Apple is pretty easy to guess… sour apple! This nic salt is perfect for those sour candy lovers out there.

Lastly, we have Original Mango. This salt nic is profiled to taste like mouthwatering mango. This flavor will never fade on you!

Do not miss out on any of these nicotine salts by NKTR Salt! Try them all today!

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