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Hide your kids, hide your friends, hide your family, the Killa Fruits are here and they are quickly taking over.

What is Killa Fruits?

Killa Fruits is a brand new name taking stock within the vape juice industry as one of the most exciting and delectable newcomers of premium grade e liquids. Killa Fruits delivers a stunning series of high tier vape juice blends that provide rich and accurate renditions of delightful fruit flavor profiles that will put a smile on your face after just one hit.

Where can I buy Killa Fruits vape juice flavors?

Killa Fruits E Liquid produces a growing menu of recipes and as of right now we carry their original release here at, Red Apple Peach, in a 100ml chubby gorilla squeeze bottle that you can order with 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg of nicotine. Red Apple Peach combines crisp red apples right off the tree with a burst of juicy peaches for a soothing fruit mix.

What do Killa Fruits e liquids taste like?

The inhale of Red Apple Peach will have your tongue saturated in tangy apple juice flowing across your taste buds with a hint of soft peach. The exhale will provide a more peach centric blend that combats the strong apple flavor while a soothing apple and peach aroma fills your nose. Even after you have watched the last bits of remaining vapor disperse a lingering aftertaste of apples and peaches clings to your mouth. 

Are Killa Fruits vape juice products high quality?

Killa Fruits E Liquid utilizes some of the finest ingredients available to craft their products. Each bottle is manufactured by professionals in an ISO-certified clean room where each mixologists follows strict safety regulations to ensure a hygienic and contaminant free product. Sometimes you need to treat your taste buds to something unique and refreshing to shake up the monotony that life can bring.

Kill that boring sense of flavor by ordering a bottle of Killa Fruits and elevating your sense to that of a true fruit killer.

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