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When it comes to nicotine salt vape juice flavors, Elysian Labs Salt Nic is a must try for any pod vaper.

What is Elysian Labs Salt Nic?

The Elysian Labs Salt Nic collection of nicotine salt formulated vape juice flavors is a new series manufactured by the popular Elysian Labs company responsible for such popular brands as The Bizzle menu of lemonade inspired flavors or their Nilla collection of cake themed recipes. Elysian Labs Salt Nic is their new venture, taking on the pod vaping scene with an array of delightful nicotine salt infused vape juice blends that are designed for low-wattage, pod vaping devices.

What are nicotine salt vape juice blends?

Nicotine salt vape juice products are a menu of e liquids that are produced using high concentrations of nicotine salt which is a different form of nicotine in comparison to the typical free base nicotine used in regular vape juice flavors and other tobacco products. Nicotine salt offers the advantage of being much smoother than free base nicotine allowing for users to consume a much higher dose of nicotine without the accompanying throat hit and irritation that comes from high nicotine concentrations. These high concentration nicotine salts need to be vaped at a lower wattage and are designed for pod vape systems that are not sub-ohm devices like your typical vaporizer.

What are the most popular Elysian Labs Salt Nic vape juice flavors?

The Elysian Labs Salt Nic menu is quickly unveiling new products from their lineup and as of now the Artemis blend is our favorite from the collection. Artemis captures a seductive treat of sun-ripened strawberries, exotic lychee fruit, and a crisp burst of pear for a delectable treat that keeps the flavor coming with every hit.

Where can I buy Elysian Labs Salt Nic vape juice flavors?

You can purchase a 30ml bottle of Artemis and other recipes from Elysian Labs Salt Nic as we pick them up here at VapeJuice.com where we offer these flavors in different nicotine concentration strengths of 12mg, 24mg, and 48mg depending on how you prefer your dose. Each of these flavors are produced with a high concentration of nicotine salt that requires you vape it with a refillable pod vaping device as utilizing these products with a sub-ohm system will cause you discomfort.

Dive into a new world of unique and delectable nicotine salt formulated vape juice flavors with a bottle of Elysian Labs Salt Nic.

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