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What’s better than a nicotine salt that makes you feel like you’re at the circus?
Cirque Du Salt is a premium nicotine salt collection that will knock you off your feet with its spectacular flavor! You will not be able to believe how delicious these nic salt flavors are.
This company’s mission is to make a top quality nicotine salt and provide exceptional prices so that everyone can enjoy a delicious and top-shelf nic salt without spending a pretty penny on it!
Cirque Du Salt has two premium salt nic flavors so far and they are beyond succulent and sweet. These two salts are called Strawberry and Mango Peach.
These salt nics focus on a purely fruity flavor profile without an added artificial flavoring. Cirque Du Salt has a fresh a pure flavor that will remind you of the real fruit and keep you coming back for more!
Let’s take a closer look at these two salt nic flavors and find the best one for you!
Strawberry by Cirque Du Salt is profiled to taste like a freshly picked juicy strawberry. Each inhale will have you dreaming of biting into a real strawberry. The flavor is so spot on it will have your mouth watering and craving more of its refreshing flavor!
Mango Peach by Cirque Du Salt is a super sweet and natural flavor blend of juicy mangoes and ripe peaches. Imagine the juices spilling from the mango and peach after each bite. Cirque Du Salt took that magical flavor and turned it into a premium nicotine salt that you will not be able to put down!
Vape Juice carries Cirque Du Salt in 30ML bottles with a concentrated nicotine level of 50MG.
Do not miss out on some of the best salt nic around! Grab a bottle or two today!

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