What Wattage Should I Vape At

“What wattage should I vape at?”

If you’ve been vaping for a while, wattage is probably something that you almost don’t think about at all. In fact, you may not have touched the wattage adjustment buttons on your vape mod since you set the device up for the first time. If you always use the same tank and the same type of coil – and you’ve already found the wattage that works for you – why would you bother?

If you’re a newer vaper and have just purchased your first variable-wattage vape kit, though, it’s an entirely different story. Until now, you’ve spent all of your time as a vaper using a vape pen or pod system that operates at one power level only. You inhale or push a button, and your device generates vapor – you don’t have to think about it at all. Going from that type of vaping experience to using a device that operates within a power range of 200 watts can be a bit overwhelming. How are you supposed to know what wattage you should vape at if you’ve never owned an adjustable vaping device before?

The best vaping wattage depends on a variety of factors including the efficiency of your vape coil, the capabilities of your vape mod and your own personal taste. Finding the right wattage for your needs isn’t actually difficult at all – and in this article, we’re going to help you do it.

Try a Disposable Vape and Simplify Your Experience

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Check Your Coil’s Suggested Wattage Range First

The first thing that you need to do when choosing your vaping wattage is determine the suggested operational wattage of the atomizer coil you’re using. You can do that by examining the coil itself. It’s likely that you have a few spare coils lying around, so take one out of the package and look closely at it. Etched into the side of the coil, you’ll see the operational wattage range that the manufacturer recommends for that coil. You will almost always want to set your vaping device to somewhere within that range. When you’ve just installed a new coil, it’s usually a good idea to set your device near the bottom of the coil’s suggested range for a while until the coil is fully broken in. Then, you can start to increase the wattage slowly until you’re getting the flavor and vapor production that you want.

Adjust Your Device’s Wattage to Compensate for Your Puff Length

The next thing you need to know about choosing the right vaping wattage is that the suggested wattage range etched into the side of your coil is just that – a suggestion. It’s based on what the manufacturer of the coil has observed when testing the coil with an automated puff machine, and a puff machine usually puffs for about 2-3 seconds at a time. Some vapers, however, take much longer puffs than that. If you’re the type of vaper who loves to take long, deep puffs that last for several seconds at a time, you’re probably not going to be able to vape at the top end of your coil’s suggested wattage range because the coil will vaporize all of the e-liquid held in the wick before you finish your puffs. If that happens – and the wick is dry at the end of your puffs – the wick will burn, and the coil will be ruined. If you like long puffs, you’ll need to set your device’s wattage somewhere near the bottom of your coil’s suggested wattage range.

If you prefer very short puffs, on the other hand, you can usually crank the wattage up without worrying. In some cases, it may even possible to vape above your coil’s suggested wattage range without worrying that you’ll ruin the coil. This is something that you’ll have to figure out through trial and error.

How Can You Tell if Your Vaping Wattage Is Too Low?

Now that you have a general idea of what the correct vaping wattage is for your device and tank, it’s time to tweak it until your wattage setting is perfect for your vaping style.

So, let’s suppose that you aren’t feeling completely satisfied with your vaping experience. Is it possible that your wattage is too low? A good way to tell is by paying attention to the way your vaping device performs after you’ve put it down for a while. When the coil is completely cold, do you have to puff several times before you can get a really good cloud out of your device? Even worse, do you find that you don’t ever seem to get a good cloud out of your device regardless of what you do? Those are both almost certain signs that your wattage is too low.

Increase the wattage until you’re happy with your vaping experience. Again, don’t forget that it’s sometimes okay to use a wattage setting higher than what’s recommended on your coil – especially if you tend to use shorter puffs when vaping.

How Can You Tell if Your Vaping Wattage Is Too High?

On the other hand, perhaps you’re concerned that the wattage you’re vaping at is too high. What are some signs that you might be pushing things too far?

The first sign that your wattage might be too high is the experience that you have when you vape. Does the vapor seem uncomfortably warm? Do you find that the heat makes the vapor just a bit too intense? Maybe you have trouble tasting the flavor of your e-liquid at all because the vapor is so hot. All of those are signs that you need to lower your device’s wattage.

Poor coil longevity is another sign that your vaping wattage might be too high. As we mentioned above, vaping at a high wattage can cause your coil’s wick to dry out while you’re still in the middle of a puff. If that happens, the wick can burn. You’ll be left with a vape that tastes burnt, and the burnt flavor won’t go away until you replace the coil. If you’re replacing your coils constantly because they keep burning out, you should definitely try lowering your device’s wattage. You may find that your coils last much longer.

Troubleshooting Common Problems With Vaping Wattage

Let’s suppose that you have been playing with your device’s wattage for a while, and you’re still having trouble finding a setting that gives you a truly enjoyable puff every time. In that case, it’s likely that either your vape mod or tank are obsolete and in need of replacement. We’ll explain why.

Consistent power delivery is one area in which vape mods have improved by leaps and bounds over the years. For several years now, we’ve had vape mods purported to have the ability to operate at well over 100 watts. The truth, however, is that mods with the capability of actually delivering that level of power are a more recent phenomenon. That’s because the power delivery of an older mod will tend to sag badly when the mod is under a heavy load. That’s especially true of older mods with built-in battery packs because smaller lithium-ion batteries have improved a great deal in their power delivery over the years.

If your vape mod is more than a few years old, you’re probably going to be much happier with your vaping experience if you replace it. A sure way to tell is by testing how your mod performs at very high power levels. Do you find, for example, that there’s no discernable difference between vaping at 60 watts and vaping at 80 watts? Are you able to set your mod far above your coil’s suggested wattage range without experiencing any hint of a burned flavor? It’s likely that your device can’t actually reach the wattage you’re trying to vape at.

The second item in your vaping setup that might be obsolete is your vape tank. In recent years, technological innovations like better wick designs and mesh coils have made vape tanks more efficient than ever. Improved wicks allow today’s coils to draw more vape juice in and remain saturated longer, helping to sustain long, deep puffs without drying out. A mesh coil, meanwhile, spreads its heating surface over a much larger area than a traditional wound coil, allowing it to heat up instantly at the touch of a button.

How can you tell whether your current vape tank might be obsolete? The first sign is that your tank doesn’t have a mesh coil. Mesh coils are so much better than wound coils in every way that there’s really no reason why almost every vaper in the world shouldn’t start using mesh coils immediately.

The second way that you can tell if your tank is obsolete is from the quality of your vaping experience. If you can’t find your ideal vaping wattage because a lower power setting leaves you feeling unsatisfied and a higher setting gives you a burnt flavor, you’re probably going to have a much better experience if you upgrade your vape tank.