What Does Atomizer Short Mean

One of the best things about owning a high-end vape kit is the fact that your device can communicate with you. Since an advanced vaping device has a digital display, it has the ability to display an error message when something isn’t working as it should. The error message makes it easy for you to know what the problem is and what you should do.

The problem, though, is that some of the instruction manuals for vaping devices are notoriously short and are missing much of the information that you’d need to really understand how your mod works if you aren’t a vaping expert. So, what does “atomizer short” mean? We’re here to help. Use these simple tips to troubleshoot the most common vape mod error messages.

Note: Error messages on vape mods aren’t universal among all manufacturers. Although the different messages that a device can display may differ from one device to the next, the message shown on your mod will likely be similar to one of the messages described in this article.

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Time Out

Vape Mod Error Messages

The message “Time Out” means that the length of your puff has exceeded what your vape mod’s puff timer will allow. Most vaping devices have built-in puff timers that help to prevent overheating. Suppose, for instance, that you’re carrying your vape mod in your pocket, and you’ve forgotten to lock it. You inadvertently push and hold the mod’s fire button when you sit down. Without a puff timer, that’s a potentially dangerous situation. With a puff timer, though, the device automatically cuts off, so its temperature stays in a safe range.

Some mods will allow you to change the maximum puff length. That’s a good feature to have if you prefer vaping with very long puffs and find that your device is constantly displaying the “Time Out” error message. You shouldn’t disable the puff timer completely, though, because it’s there to help keep you safe.

Low Battery or Low Power

The message “Low Battery” or “Low Power” simply means that you need to charge your device’s battery. The conditions under which your device will display this message depend on the device’s firmware. In some cases, you’ll see the message when the battery’s remaining charge is too low for the device to operate at all. In other cases, the message simply means that the battery’s charge is too low for the device to operate at the wattage you’ve set. In that case, lowering the wattage may allow you to continue vaping for a little longer before charging the battery. Otherwise, though, you’ll need to charge the battery before you resume vaping.

Check Battery

Vape Mod Check Battery

The message “Check Battery” could mean that your battery’s remaining charge is too low to operate at the wattage you’ve selected. In that case, the solution is that you simply need to charge the battery. In some cases, though, the “Check Battery” message can also indicate a problem with the battery. If your device has a removable battery, remove the battery and examine it. Does the battery have any sign of damage? If so, the battery isn’t safe to use; you should replace it. It’s also possible that you’ve accidentally installed the battery in reverse.

If you can’t get rid of the “Check Battery” message with a removable-battery mod regardless of what you do, you need to replace the battery. If the mod has a permanent battery, it’ll most likely be necessary to replace the entire device unless its warranty is still active.

Atomizer High, Atomizer Low, Resistance High or Resistance Low

If you see any of the above error messages on your mod, it means that the resistance of the connected atomizer coil isn’t within your device’s supported range. There are two likely reasons why you might see that error message.

The first reason is because you’re trying to use a sub-ohm tank with an older vaping device that doesn’t support sub-ohm vaping. That’s not likely to happen with any vaping device purchased in the last several years because virtually all vape mods on the market have been sub-ohm devices for a long time. You might encounter this problem, though, if you purchase a used vape mod on the second-hand market. Older vaping devices have become collector’s items, but you should keep in mind that it isn’t really possible to use an older mod with a modern tank.

The other reason why you might see one of the above error messages is because there’s something wrong with the atomizer coil. With most vape mods, the coil’s resistance would have to be extremely high or extremely low for the mod not to work. That usually indicates that the atomizer coil has a manufacturing defect or isn’t installed properly. Replacing the coil should resolve the issue.

Check Atomizer

The message “Check Atomizer” means that your vape mod isn’t detecting the connected atomizer coil at all. That may mean that the tank isn’t assembled correctly, that the tank doesn’t have a firm connection with the mod or that the coil itself has a problem. Use these steps to troubleshoot a “Check Atomizer” error.

  • Remove the tank from your mod. Has e-liquid leaked into the mod’s threading? Remove it with a paper towel. Reconnect the tank, making sure that it’s screwed down all the way. Are you able to vape? If not, continue with the next step.
  • Disassemble the tank, removing the atomizer coil and then screwing it back in tightly. Reassemble the tank. Are you able to vape? If not, continue with the next step.
  • Replace the atomizer coil. If you’re still seeing the “Check Atomizer” message after performing the previous steps on this list, it’s likely that the coil has a manufacturing fault.

Atomizer Short or Short Circuit

Vape Mod Atomizer Short

When your vape mod tells you that it has a short circuit, it means that something is critically wrong with the electrical circuit connecting the battery in your vaping device to the atomizer coil. You might get the “Atomizer Short” message, for instance, if unexpected metal-on-metal contact occurs inside your tank. For example, maybe the coil in your tank is cross-threaded, so the coil is seated a little higher in the tank’s base than it should be, and that’s causing the tank’s chimney to touch the heating wire inside the coil. A manufacturing defect in the coil can also cause a short circuit.

A short circuit is a serious safety issue. Unless you’re certain that your tank had an assembly problem and that you’ve corrected the problem, you should always replace the atomizer coil when you see the message “Atomizer Short.”

Temperature High

Lithium-ion batteries are sensitive to extreme temperatures and generally perform best in room-temperature environments. If a battery is used in freezing temperatures, its charge will deplete rapidly. An ambient temperature that’s overly high, though, can actually be dangerous because it can potentially cause the battery to enter thermal runaway. Don’t store your vaping device in your car – especially when your car is parked in bright sunlight. You may also see the “Temperature High” message when using your vape mod in direct sunlight on a hot day. If you see that message, you’ll need to move your mod to a cooler location and wait for its temperature to decrease.

Device Locked

One of the most useful features of any vaping device with a manual fire button is that you can lock the device to prevent accidental usage if you don’t expect to use the device for a while. The ability to lock the device makes it safer for you to carry your vape mod in your pocket. It also helps to ensure that no one can do anything with the device if you happen to leave it unattended for a few minutes. Before you can use the device again, though, you’ll need to unlock it. You can unlock most vape mods by pressing the fire button five times fast.