How to Score E-Juice Deals

The price of e-liquid has really come down over the years, and that’s a great thing; thanks to today’s sub-ohm tanks and other high-end vape gear, people are using more vape juice than ever. With vapers everywhere blowing huge sub-ohm clouds, the e-liquid makers of the world had no choice but to lower their prices. Even with today’s very reasonable vape juice prices, though, things get even better when you’re able to score some serious e-juice deals.

How to Score E-Juice Deals

Sometimes, when you shop for vape juice, you want to keep things as easy as possible. You just want to get in, grab your favorite flavor and get out. Other times, though, you’ve got a bit of extra time to browse. Maybe you’re in the mood to unearth something interesting, or maybe you just want to stock up on some extra vape juice and save a little money while you’re doing it.

Well, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’re going to explain the ins and outs of saving money on e-liquid – and we’re going to point out some facts about the vape juice industry that we can almost guarantee you’ve never considered before. Are you ready to score some great e-juice deals? Here’s how you do it.

Know Your Favorite Vape Shop Inside and Out

The best thing that you can do to ensure you’re always getting the best price when you shop for e-liquid is to learn absolutely every detail of the way your favorite vape shop works. If you simply use the search box to go straight to your favorite products every time you visit our site, you might be missing out on some great prices.

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Always Be Ready to Buy in Bulk

One thing you need to know about buying e-liquid is that other vapers are always on the hunt for money-saving opportunities just like you are. When a vape shop announces a great deal, you’ve got to be ready to pull the trigger and make a bulk purchase, because your fellow vapers are going to beat you to the punch if you aren’t prepared. The best way to save money on e-liquid is by buying as much as you can when the prices are at their lowest.

When can you typically find the lowest prices on vape juice? As we just mentioned, you’ll often get some of the best e-juice deals on products that are close to expiring because no vape shop wants to sell e-liquid past its expiration date. Buying nearly-expired vape juice is a great way to save money if you tend to use your e-liquid quickly – and the truth is that e-liquid doesn’t just explode on its expiration date. You can continue using it, although you may notice some changes in flavor when you use an older e-liquid.

If you buy a large quantity of e-liquid and want to ensure that it retains its flavor as long as possible, try putting it in the refrigerator. Learn more about how to store vape juice.

Hunting for nearly expired products isn’t the only way to save money on e-liquid. When brands make changes to their product lines, vape shops often clearance out the older products to make room for the new goods. When an e-liquid company changes its labeling, switches to a different bottle type or renames a product, you’ll probably find some great deals on the old stock. As always, be prepared to buy in bulk when you see prices that are unusually low, because deals like those do not last long.

Try Buying Nicotine-Free E-Juice and Mixing It

Nicotine-free e-liquid is always a slow seller, but vape juice companies make it anyway because a fairly significant number of people do vape without using nicotine. Nevertheless, nicotine-free vape juice still doesn’t sell as well as regular e-liquid because the demand for it is much lower. When a batch of vape juice is nearing the end of its lifespan and it’s time to put the old stock on clearance, you can bet that most of the bottles on sale will be nicotine free.

If you ordinarily use e-liquid with nicotine, you probably aren’t particularly interested when you see clearance prices for nicotine-free vape juice. What you may not realize, though, is that e-liquid with no nicotine can actually be useful to you even if it isn’t what you normally vape. All that you need to do is mix nicotine-free e-liquid in equal parts with vape juice at double your normal nicotine strength, and you’ll have your regular nicotine strength at a great price.

To make the process of mixing two bottles of e-liquid as easy as possible, we suggest buying a large empty bottle. Let’s suppose, for example, that your preferred nicotine strength is 3 mg, and you’re buying an e-liquid that comes in 60 ml bottles. You’ll need a mixing bottle with a capacity of at least 120 ml. In addition to a bottle of nicotine-free e-liquid, you’ll also need a bottle with a nicotine strength of 6 mg. Empty both of those bottles into the mixing bottle and give the bottle a vigorous shake. Now you’ve got 120 ml of e-liquid in your preferred nicotine strength of 3 mg.

Is it worth the effort to buy nicotine-free vape juice and mix it to achieve your desired nicotine strength? Only you can make that decision, but the potential savings can be significant because, when vape juice goes on clearance, you’ll almost always find the best prices on nicotine-free vape juice.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try an Unknown Brand or Flavor

The biggest e-liquid brands got to where they are today for a good reason – it’s because people like those brands. In other words, it’s very likely that your favorite vape juice brands and flavors are the same as everyone else’s favorites. With that in mind, you’re not likely to find unusually low prices for your favorite e-liquids because those are the same e-liquids that everyone else is buying.

If you want to get the best e-juice deals around, you’ve got to be willing to take chances on brands or flavors that you haven’t heard of before.

In the past, people were often afraid to buy unfamiliar e-liquids because brands’ quality standards were extremely inconsistent. Trying a new vape juice brand was a huge potential risk because you might end up with something that tasted terrible or had quality control issues such as an incorrect nicotine strength.

These days, the vape juice industry has progressed far beyond those difficult early years. You’re not going to find a major vape shop carrying e-liquid that was mixed in someone’s kitchen anymore. All of the small-scale e-liquid brands have faded away, and the companies that are still around understand that customers demand nothing but completely consistent quality in every bottle.

As a consumer, what that means for you is that trying an unfamiliar brand isn’t really a risk at all. Taste is subjective, of course, so there’s always a chance that a particular e-liquid flavor won’t be to your liking. There is virtually no chance, though, that you’ll end up with a bad product because bad products in the e-liquid industry essentially no longer exist. All of the e-liquid companies have moved to clean-room environments with completely automated e-liquid production. You can always expect unparalleled product consistency.

So, why do the lesser known vape juice brands always seem to charge less for their products than the biggest companies? It’s because the bigger companies have brand recognition and marketing dollars on their side. If people know your company – and your products are always in demand – you can charge more. Smaller e-liquid brands, on the other hand, need to price their products a bit more attractively to encourage people to take a chance on them. Seeking out the unfamiliar and unusual e-liquid brands is a great way to spice up your vaping experience, and it’s an even better way to save money on vape juice.

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