Most Underrated Vape Juice Flavors

There’s a reason why certain vape juice flavor profiles catch on like wildfire and form larger trends within the vaping community. The best cereal vape juice, for instance, is flat-out delicious. When e-liquid makers discovered that it was possible to recreate the flavor of toasted cereal grains just by adding a slightly malty note to an e-liquid, it was a major event in the history of vaping. The resulting cereal e-liquid trend that consumed the vaping community for the next couple of years surprised absolutely no one.

There are still plenty of discoveries to be made in the world of vape juice, and mixologists continue to come up with incredible new flavor profiles all the time. Which vape juice flavor profile will be the one that launches the next community-wide trend? No one can predict the future, but we’d be willing to bet that the next big thing in the e-liquid world will be based on a flavor profile that isn’t currently getting enough attention.

Have the e-liquid companies of the world plumbed the depths of flavor fully and discovered everything there is to discover? No way; any day now, some vape juice company is going to release something that knocks everyone’s socks off and kickstarts yet another flavor craze in the vaping community. If you’re ready to find out what the future holds, check out these underrated vape juice flavor profiles that aren’t getting nearly as much attention as they should.


Vanilla Almond Milk by Moo

Sweet almond is a bit like vanilla in that it’s one of those super-seductive flavors that can add an extra dash of magic to just about everything. Almond extract is an extremely popular flavor to add to desserts and baked goods. It’s also the “secret ingredient” in a number of extremely popular gourmand perfumes. In e-liquid, almond flavor is nutty, complex, sweet and slightly floral. There’s simply nothing else like it, and once you’ve tasted an e-liquid that uses almond as its primary flavor, you’ll realize that almond is actually the flavor that ties many of the most popular vape juices together. Introduce yourself to the magic that almond can bring to an e-liquid with a bottle of Vanilla Almond Milk by Moo E-Liquid.

Plain Menthol

Menthol No 1 by Twist

Most vapers have only experienced menthol e-liquid in two different ways. If you preferred menthol cigarettes during your days as a smoker, there’s a good chance that you picked up some menthol pods or cartridges when you bought your first e-cigarette. There’s also a pretty good chance that you ended up feeling a bit underwhelmed by the experience. A menthol e-cigarette pod, after all, usually tries to capture the experience of smoking a menthol cigarette by combining menthol with a tobacco-flavored base. So far, though, no e-liquid maker has ever managed to create a tobacco vape juice that tastes truly authentic. Using nothing but food flavorings, creating an e-liquid that tastes like cigarette smoke may actually be impossible. The vast majority of the vapers who try menthol-and-tobacco e-liquids aren’t exactly big fans.

If you haven’t tried a menthol-and-tobacco e-liquid, you’ve probably tried one of the fruit-and-menthol vape juices that are all the rage right now. E-liquid makers have figured out that, by adding a bit of menthol to a fruit or candy base, they can give a vape juice a slightly chilly edge without covering the e-liquid’s original flavor. It’s a great effect that’s reminiscent of drinking a fruity cocktail served on ice.

Most vapers, however, have never experienced the magic that can happen when an e-liquid uses just menthol, perhaps a long with a bit of mint as an accent. Used on its own, menthol is a superb e-liquid flavor for smokers. There’s no way to recreate the authentic flavor of tobacco in e-liquid form, but that statement isn’t true of menthol at all because the menthol that’s used in cigarettes is exactly the same as the menthol used in vape juice. In fact, without the tobacco smoke getting in the way, a menthol e-liquid can have a far, far greater cooling effect than a menthol cigarette. Try Menthol No. 1 by Twist E-Liquid to experience true ice in vapor form for yourself.


As long as vaping has existed, people in the vaping community have loved fruit flavors. Several different fruits have had their moments in the sun, enjoying periods in which they were extremely trendy throughout the community. If you’ve been vaping long enough, you surely remember the strawberry e-liquid craze. For a while, it seemed like just about every vape juice had a strawberry note. There were strawberry candy e-liquids, strawberry-and-cream e-liquids, strawberry doughnut e-liquids – you name it. After that, there was the mango craze, and then the blue raspberry trend came along.

Which fruit is going to be the next one that has everyone puffing with joy? We think that banana has to be one of the most underappreciated fruit flavors in the vape juice industry. Banana has a certain creamy sweetness that blends well with just about anything. For proof of that, just think about the traditional fruit smoothie – adding a banana to the blender is just about a requirement if you want your smoothie to taste right. Likewise, we’ve seen a bit of banana in e-liquids designed to taste like smoothies. It’s also great in cereal e-liquids; who doesn’t like a big bowl of cereal served with some sliced bananas on top?

To experience the depth of flavor that banana can bring to an e-liquid, you’ve got to try a vape juice that uses banana as its primary flavor – and for that, you should look no further than the sumptuous Banana by Skwezed.


Coffee Milk by Moo Vape Juice

Just like strawberry, tobacco and vanilla, coffee is an e-liquid flavor that’s been around as long as vaping has existed. People who have been vaping since the beginning can fondly remember screwing coffee-flavored cartridges into their first e-cigarettes and discovering that the flavor was about a million times better than that of the tobacco cartridges.

Since those early days, though, vape juice makers haven’t come up with quite as many new experiences in the coffee flavor category as we would have expected. Think of all the magic that would happen if a vape juice maker came up with a truly realistic coffee e-liquid that tasted just like a latte from a coffee chain. Vapers would be lining up around the block to experience that! Well, we aren’t quite there yet, but that’s only because the mixologists of the e-liquid world have been concentrating their efforts in other areas. Coffee is a very underrated vape juice flavor, but we think it’s only a matter of time before someone latches on to this flavor and starts a new trend. To get an idea of what that trend will be like, just sample a bottle of the brilliant Coffee Milk by Moo E-Liquid.


Peach Tea Coastal Clouds Underrated Vape Juice

If you think that the complex flavor of coffee is something that’s difficult to replicate in vapor form, just imagine what the vape juice makers of the world have to go through when they want to create a tea flavor. There’s a good reason why tea has been at the center of trade monopolies, imperialist expansions, revolutions and more throughout human history – it’s because nothing else tastes quite like it.

Tea expresses the characteristics of the soil in which it is grown. Its flavor profile changes depending on when it’s harvested. Even leaves from different sections of the same plant taste different from one another – and those variables don’t even take into account the different ways in which the leaves can be processed. In other words, trying to recreate the flavor of tea is a nightmare for an e-liquid maker – but that’s exactly what the best vape juice companies are trying to do right now. These days, jasmine tea – a light and fragrant blend of green tea and jasmine blossoms – is all the rage among tea lovers, and you can actually find a vape juice capturing that flavor perfectly in the form of Peach Tea by Coastal Clouds. Just imagine what the future might bring!


Yogurt has been a staple of the human diet for almost as long as we’ve been drinking milk. At first, inoculating milk with cultures was just a way to help prevent it from going bad – but after a while, people noticed that eating yogurt helped to prevent a host of digestive issues. Today, we know that yogurt is great for our digestive systems precisely because of those cultures. Mainly, though, we just eat yogurt because we can’t get enough of that deliciously creamy and slightly sour flavor.

Yogurt is one of the last great frontiers for the e-liquid makers of the world. There has been demand for a great yogurt vape juice for quite a long time, but no one has quite hit upon the magic combination of flavors that can deliver the amazing complexity of yogurt in vapor form. Until then, you can content yourself with the next best thing: Blueberry Yogurt Strawberry Kiwi by Freenoms. It’s not quite the same as a real fruit-and-yogurt blend, but it’ll tickle your taste buds all the same.


Just kidding. Even we aren’t crazy enough to try a cheese e-liquid.