Best Cereal Vape Juice 2021

Without a doubt, cereal vape juice is easily one of the most popular flavor profiles within the vaping community. Cereal is one of those flavor profiles that really satisfies your urge to snack. Cereal has always been a guilty pleasure for most adults anyway – even the healthiest cereals are extremely calorie dense, after all – and vaping is really the only thing that can duplicate the flavor of cereal to a certain extent without affecting your waistline.

Meanwhile, the technology of flavor development in the vaping industry has improved by leaps and bounds over the years. Cereal e-liquid in particular has benefitted from the latest technological innovations. Vape juice makers have figured out, for instance, how to add a slightly malty note that gives an e-liquid that authentic “toasted grain” flavor. They’ve also figured out the perfect flavor substitutions; a few drops of cotton candy flavor can make an e-liquid taste like a cereal with marshmallows. Of course, the most important addition to any cereal vape juice is a hefty dose of sweetener.

The short version of the story, though, is that cereal e-liquids taste better today than they ever have before. If you missed out on the cereal vape juice fad that happened a few years ago – or you tried everything that was available at the time and simply ended up burning yourself out – this is a great time to come back and see what’s out there. These are the best cereal vape juices on the market today.

Boss Reserve by Cuttwood

Boss Reserve Cuttwood Cereal Vape Juice

Boss Reserve by Cuttwood isn’t just the best cereal e-liquid on the market – it’s one of the most popular vape juices of all time. There’s simply nothing else that quite compares. The legend, if you haven’t heard it already, is that Boss Reserve is the preferred vape juice of Cuttwood’s founder. It’s equally famous for having been at one time of the most expensive e-liquids on the market. Things have changed, however, in the years since Boss Reserve first hit the market. E-liquid makers understand that in today’s age of enormous clouds, the only way to stay in business is to offer vape juice at reasonable prices. Luckily for us, the unparalleled quality of Boss Reserve hasn’t changed at all.

So, what does Boss Reserve taste like? It’s basically the ultimate deluxe bowl of cereal in vapor form. This e-liquid begins with a honey-toasted graham cracker cereal base that features the perfect amount of sweetness and nothing more. Layered on the cereal base are notes of buttery roasted nuts, sweet bananas and plenty of creamy milk. Boss Reserve isn’t a new e-liquid; it’s a stone-cold classic that feels like it’s been around forever. After all these years, it’s still the most perfect cereal vaping experience you’ll ever have.

The One by Beard Vape Co

The One Beard Vape Co Best Cereal Vape Juice

Speaking of audacious flavor ideas, there’s probably no mainstream e-liquid – ever – more audacious than The One by Beard Vape Co. Let’s suppose you wanted to create a vape juice containing all of the vaping community’s best-loved flavor notes in a single bottle. There’s a good chance that the result would be a complete disaster. With so many different flavors all competing for attention in the same e-liquid, it would be impossible to taste any one of them over the others, right? Well, somehow, the flavor developers at Beard Vape Co managed to do the seemingly impossible. They created an e-liquid combining the flavors of cereal, ice cream, doughnuts and strawberries into a single vape juice, and the result isn’t confused at all. In fact, it is absolutely spectacular.

With The One, the mixologists at Beard Vape Co created something magical by not trying to do too much. The end result delivers a deliciously creamy strawberry flavor on the inhale along with a nutty backbone of toasted grains on the exhale. Although The One isn’t strictly a cereal vape juice in the sense that it has a lot more going on than just a cereal flavor, the people at Beard Vape have truly created something amazing here in that The One manages to offer something to please just about everyone. It’s perfectly balanced and very sweet without ever becoming cloying.

Uniloop by BLVK Unicorn

Uniloop BLVK Unicorn Best Cereal E-Liquid

There are two main genres of cereal vape juice. On one side, you’ve got the nutty flavors like cinnamon toast and roasted cornmeal – and on the other side, you’ve got fruity cereals that offer tangier flavor profiles and tend to lean heavily on citrus and berry notes. Uniloop by BLVK Unicorn, in case you couldn’t tell from the name, falls into the second category. It’s an amazing “fruity loops” vape juice that offers an incredible level of balance. Although you’ll certainly get a bit of tart goodness here, the fruity flavor is balanced perfectly by a generous helping of sweet, decadent milk.

Banana Nut O’s by Shijin Vapor

Banana Nut Os Shijin Vapor

If you’re the type of person who loves putting sweet bananas on your morning cereal, Banana Nut O’s by Shijin Vapor is a cereal vape juice that you must try right away. Combining a top note of sweet banana with a toasted honey cereal base, Banana Nut O’s is an absolute revelation if you’re tired of the me-too cereal flavors that are proliferating the market today and often seem more or less the same as one another. There must be dozens of different cereals at your local supermarket, so why does seemingly every cereal e-liquid taste like fruity loops? Banana Nut O’s is something different and special, and you’re going to be wild about it from the first puff.

FTC by Keep It 100

FTC Keep It 100 Cereal Vape Juice

There is nothing quite as glorious as a big bowl of delicious French toast in cereal form – and FTC by Keep It 100 -- formerly known as OG Krunch -- captures that experience perfectly. You may even find that you prefer it to the real thing. After all, e-liquid can never get soggy and lose its flavor! This brilliant e-liquid begins with a wheat cereal base so toasty that you’ll practically feel it crunching between your teeth. The cereal base blends with notes of cinnamon and maple syrup to create a decadent French toast flavor that’ll knock your socks off – and, of course, there’s plenty of smooth, creamy milk flavor on the finish.

Cereal Trip by Bad Drip Labs

Cereal Trip Bad Drip Labs Vape Juice

The Bad Drip Labs brand has been a mainstay of the vaping industry for many years now, and about this brand, we know two things for certain. The first is that Bad Drip never does things by halves. Subtlety is simply not in this company’s vocabulary; you can expect every Bad Drip Labs vape juice to be completely bold and uncompromising. The second thing we know is that you can always count on a Bad Drip Labs e-liquid to include a twist that makes the product completely unique.

Cereal Trip by Bad Drip Labs is a perfect example of both of the above-listed qualities. You surely won’t find a more boldly flavored cereal vape juice anywhere, and despite the name, cereal isn’t even the main flavor note in this e-liquid. Vaping Cereal Trip is a bit like putting a glazed doughnut into a big bowl before topping the bowl off with fruity cereal and cold milk. Okay, so eating a doughnut with spoon probably wouldn’t be the easiest thing in the world – but with vape juice, anything is possible.

Cereal Milk by Milk King

Cereal Milk Milk King Vape Juice

With an e-liquid like Cereal Milk by Milk King, there is no way to have any doubt as to what the star of the show is. After all, it’s right there in the name! The main idea here is that, for many people, the best part of eating a big bowl is fruity cereal is drinking the milk that’s left over at the end. In fact, a rather famous cocktail has been concocted for the cereal lovers of the world. To make it, you fill a cocktail shaker with fruity cereal and milk. When you strain the result, you’ve got a big class of cold, fruity milk with none of that pesky cereal getting in the way. That is the idea behind Cereal Milk, an e-liquid that’s certain to become an all-time classic of the vape juice industry.

Bird Brains by Cuttwood

Bird Brains Cuttwood Cereal Vape Juice

The only company to appear twice on this list of the best cereal vape juices, Bird Brains by Cuttwood is indisputable evidence that the people at Cuttwood really know their stuff when it comes to crafting cereal flavors. While Cuttwood’s other cereal e-liquid captures the flavor of cinnamon toast cereal, this one goes in the “fruity loops” direction and combines a delicious combination of mixed fruit flavors layered over a toasty cereal base. As you’d expect from any great cereal vape juice, there’s also plenty of creamy milk to wash the flavor explosion down.