SMOK Novo 4 Review

The SMOK Novo series started out as SMOK’s simpler alternative to the more complicated Nord platform. While the Nord featured replaceable coils and had other advanced features like a wide range of adjustable power settings, the Novo was simpler and designed to be appropriate for complete beginners.

Today, though, the SMOK Novo 4 defies the conventions of the past by offering features that were once only available in more advanced devices. That blurs the line between the Novo and Nord because the only real difference between the two products today is the level of power that they offer. With that in mind, it’s possible that you’re looking at the Novo 4 and are wondering if it’s the right device for you.

Is the SMOK Novo 4 still a great vape kit for beginners? Is it flexible enough to grow with you as you become a more experienced vaper, and your preferences change? There’s only one way to find out. You’re going to learn it all in this SMOK Novo 4 review and instruction manual.

What’s the Price of the SMOK Novo 4?

SMOK Novo 4 Review

So, what can you expect to spend if you buy the SMOK Novo 4 today? Here’s an overview of the prices associated with this device.

  • SMOK Novo 4 Kit: $24.99. The SMOK Novo 4 is available in 10 terrific colors, and it comes with a pod and two coils. Since the SMOK Novo 4 pod has a removable coil, you can continue using the same pod indefinitely.
  • SMOK Novo 4 Coils: $10.49 per five-pack. The SMOK Novo 4 works with both the DC MTL 0.8-ohm coil and the 0.8-ohm meshed coil from the SMOK LP1 coil series. We suggest adding at least one box of coils to your order when buying the Novo 4 because you’ll need to replace your coil every several days.
  • Nicotine Salt Vape Juice: Nicotine salt e-liquid at starts at just $6.99 per 30-ml bottle, although we occasionally offer sales that can help you save even more money.

If you’re new to vaping and need to buy e-liquid, that brings the total cost of the SMOK Novo 4 kit to about $42.47 – around the same cost as a few packs of cigarettes.

What Makes the SMOK Novo 4 Special?

SMOK Novo 4 Instruction Manual

So, what are the special selling points that make the SMOK Novo 4 stand out from other vaping devices? These are the key features of the SMOK Novo 4.

  • It has replaceable coils, so you can enjoy the fresh “new coil” flavor whenever you like simply by installing a new coil instead of replacing the entire pod.
  • It has fully adjustable airflow, enabling you to enjoy a tight mouth-to-lung vape or a restricted direct-to-lung hit if you want a bit more vapor.
  • It has a control button that allows you to adjust the device’s power level in 0.5-watt increments up to a maximum of 25 watts. The button also turns the Novo 4 on and off.
  • Its 800 mAh battery charges in just 90 minutes via a built-in USB-C port.
  • It uses a mesh coil for instant vapor production with no ramp-up time.
  • The coils have three silicone gaskets to make leaking almost impossible.

SMOK Novo 4 vs Novo 3, Novo 2 and Novo: How Do They Compare?

Now that you have a better idea of what makes the SMOK Novo 4 stand out, it’s time to learn how it compares to the other devices in the Novo series because many of the older Novo devices are still being made. In fact, the SMOK Novo 4 isn’t even the latest device – SMOK has recently expanded the series with the release of the new SMOK Novo 5. So, how do the different devices compare?

  • SMOK Novo: The original device in the SMOK Novo series has a 450 mAh battery, and the pods have built-in coils. The SMOK Novo has no display and uses an indicator light to show its status.
  • SMOK Novo 2: The SMOK Novo 2 has an increased battery capacity of 800 mAh. For better vapor production, it also has an improved pod and a redesigned airflow channel.
  • SMOK Novo 3: The SMOK Novo 3 comes with an upgraded pod that uses a 0.8-ohm mesh coil for better vapor production.
  • SMOK Novo 4: The SMOK Novo 4 represents a major evolution for the Novo product line, adding replaceable coils, adjustable airflow and variable wattage control.
  • SMOK Novo 5: The SMOK Novo 5 features an updated visual design, a redesigned pod, a higher maximum power range of 30 watts, a higher battery capacity of 900 mAh and both puff-based and button-based firing. However, the Novo 4 also takes a technological step back from the Novo 4 in that the pod has a non-replaceable coil.

Is the SMOK Novo 4 a Good Pod System for Beginners?

All SMOK Novo devices are great for beginners. Although the Novo 4 has a replaceable coil – which does add somewhat to the complexity of using the device – installing a new coil is a simple matter of pulling the old coil out of the device and pushing in a new one. That’s a small price to pay for the benefit of not needing to buy an entirely new pod every time your coil burns out. If you’re new to vaping, we think you’ll be completely happy with the SMOK Novo 4.

How to Use the SMOK Novo 4

Although the SMOK Novo 4 includes a printed instruction manual, we think you’ll enjoy having an opportunity to get to know this device before it arrives. That’s why we’ve provided the best SMOK Novo 4 manual in the world right here on this page. Once you’ve read it, you’re going to know everything you need to know about using this device before you even open the box.

How to Charge the SMOK Novo 4

SMOK Novo 4 Charging

To charge the SMOK Novo 4, connect it to your computer using the USB cable supplied with the device. The screen changes to show a battery icon along with an estimated charging time. When the screen reads “100%,” the device is fully charged.

How to Fill the SMOK Novo 4 Pod

To fill the SMOK Novo 4 pod, pull the pod out of the device and look for the red or black rubber plug on the side. Open the plug with your fingernail to reveal the pod’s filling hole. Add e-liquid until the pod is almost full and close the plug tightly. If you’re filling the Novo 4 pod for the first time or have just replaced the coil, don’t vape until you’ve waited at least five minutes for the coil’s cotton wick to absorb the vape juice.

How to Vape with the SMOK Novo 4

Once you’ve charged the Novo 4 and filled the pod, you’re ready to vape. If the device’s display is dark, you’ll need to turn the Nord 4 on by pressing the power button five times. When you do this, the display will turn on. Vape by puffing on the pod’s mouthpiece. If you want to adjust the power level, press the power button twice to enter the adjustment mode. While in this mode, press the button to adjust the power in 0.5-watt increments.

How to Replace the SMOK Novo 4 Coil

SMOK Novo 4 Replace Coil

When your SMOK Novo 4 begins to produce a burnt and unpleasant flavor, it’s time to install a new coil. To do this, remove the pod from the device after using all of the e-liquid in the pod. You’ll see the base of the installed coil at the bottom of the pod. Pull the old coil out and push a new one in. Refill the pod and let it stand for several minutes before vaping.

How to Fix Problems with the SMOK Novo 4

The SMOK Novo platform has been tested by millions of users over the years, and the engineers at SMOK have refined the platform every step of the way – so you may not experience a single problem the entire time you own the Novo 4. If you do encounter an issue, though, you’ll find help in this section of our instruction manual. Here’s how to fix the most common problems with the SMOK Novo 4.

SMOK Novo 4 Not Hitting

If your SMOK Novo 4 isn’t hitting when you puff on it, the fix is usually simple unless you’re seeing a “No Atomizer” error. Scroll down for more information if that’s the issue you’ve encountered. Follow these steps to fix a SMOK Novo 4 that isn’t hitting.

  • Give the battery a complete charge.
  • Turn the device on by pressing the power button five times.
  • Replace the coil.

SMOK Novo 4 Not Charging

If your SMOK Novo 4 doesn’t light up when you connect it to your computer, the battery isn’t charging. Fix the problem with these steps.

  • Make sure that the Novo 4 is connected to your computer and not to an external USB charger. Wall chargers are generally incompatible with vaping devices and may cause the battery in your Novo 4 to overheat.
  • Replace the USB cable. USB cables break easily, so using a new one almost always resolves a vape battery charging issue.
  • Clean your Novo 4’s charging port with a toothpick.

SMOK Novo 4 Leaking

If you remove the pod from your Novo 4 and see vape juice under it, the pod has leaked. A leak can become a serious problem if the e-liquid contaminates the interior of the device, so you should remove the vape juice immediately with a paper towel. Do these things to prevent your Novo 4 from leaking in the future.

  • Make sure that the coil is pushed all the way into the pod.
  • Don’t puff too hard when you use the Novo 4. If you use too much air pressure, you could flood the coil assembly.
  • Don’t overfill the Novo 4 pod. If you add too much e-liquid, the pod may leak when you replace the silicone cover.

SMOK Novo 4 Not Turning On

Is your SMOK Novo 4 not turning on when you press the power button five times? Try these things to fix it.

  • Charge the battery fully.
  • Check under the pod for a leak. If you find vape juice under the pod, dry the Novo 4 completely, replace the pod and try turning the device again. If the Novo 4 still doesn’t turn on, place it in a plastic bag with a desiccant packet or dry rice for a few days and then try using the device again.

SMOK Novo 4 No Atomizer Error

Does your SMOK Novo 4 display the error “No Atomizer” when you use it? Try these steps to fix the problem.

  • Make sure that the coil is pushed all the way into the pod.
  • Check under the pod for a leak. If you find vape juice under the pod, dry the device completely and try using it again. If it still doesn’t work, try using desiccant or rice to dry the device.
  • Install a new coil.
  • Make sure that the coil you’re using is compatible with the Novo 4. Although all SMOK LP1 coils will fit in the pod, the SMOK Novo 4 is designed to use the DC 0.8-ohm MTL coil or the 0.8-ohm meshed coil. Other coils in the LP1 series may not work.