SMOK Nfix vs Novo vs Nord

Let there be no doubt about the fact that almost all of the hottest vape products these days are pod systems. Beginning vapers have always loved pod systems, which have now been around for so long that many intermediate vapers are now on their second and third pod systems and have no interest at all in using traditional vape mods.

SMOK Nfix vs Novo vs Nord

What does that mean for the vaping industry as a whole? To know the answer to that question, look no further than SMOK, the industry’s biggest manufacturer. SMOK has jumped on the pod vaping craze with greater fervor than any other brand and features the industry’s widest array of pod-based devices ranging from the tiniest vape pens to full-featured pod mods that can rival any box mod.

In this article, we’re going to compare the three SMOK devices that are likely to interest you the most – and potentially cause you the most confusion – if you’re a new to intermediate vaper. Those devices are the SMOK Nfix, Nord 2 and Novo 3. SMOK has never been the best at coming up with product names that make sense, and this particular situation is made all the more confusing by the fact that the Nord 2 and Novo 3 even look alike.

Before we jump in, we’ll give you the links to the three individual products mentioned in this article. You may find it helpful to open the links and flip between them as you read.

What Is the SMOK Nfix?


The SMOK Nfix is the smallest of the latest generation of pod systems from SMOK. Shaped like a small, flat vape pen, the SMOK Nfix is a refillable device that’s designed to be extremely simple to use and to appeal to those who might otherwise buy vape juice with pre-filled pods. The major appeal of a refillable device like the SMOK Nfix is the fact that buying a refillable device means that you can use whatever e-liquid flavors you like.

Legal restrictions prevent companies from using flavors other than tobacco and menthol in pre-filled vaping products, but bottled e-liquids are still available in all flavors. Since tobacco and menthol e-liquids often aren’t the best tasting vape juices on the market, your best bet as a beginner is to buy a device that’s refillable and as easy to use as possible. That device is the SMOK Nfix.

The SMOK Nfix is designed from the ground up to provide a spectacular vaping experience that you’ll prefer if you’re new to vaping. The pod uses a built-in 0.8-ohm mesh coil that delivers insane flavor and vapor production while remaining perfectly refined and delivering the assertive throat hit that you love. The built-in 700-mAh battery is significantly higher in capacity that what you’ll typically get with a device in this size and price range, and the device even charges more quickly than most small pod systems since it supports USB-C charging. The pod fills easily via a side-mounted filling port, and when you’re no longer happy with the pod’s flavor, you can just throw it away. You’re not likely to find a more perfect small vaping device anywhere.

Who Should Buy the SMOK Nfix?

You should buy the SMOK Nfix if you’re new to vaping. Pair it with a bottle of nicotine salt e-juice, and you’re ready to go. Compared to a vaping device with pre-filled pods or cartridges, the only thing that makes the SMOK Nfix a little more complex is the fact that you’ll need to fill your own pods. That’s really not difficult to do, and the benefit of learning to fill your own vape pods is that you can use any e-liquid flavor on the market rather than just tobacco and menthol. Having the ability to explore the wide world of fruits, desserts, candies and other flavors makes vaping infinitely more enjoyable.

What Is the SMOK Novo 3?

SMOK Novo 3

SMOK has positioned the Novo line of pod systems as effectively being the halfway point between the firmly beginner-oriented Nfix and the higher-end Nord, which is geared more toward vapers who have some experience. With the SMOK Novo 3, you get a device that’s slightly larger than the Nfix and also has a higher-capacity 800-mAh battery. The larger size of the device also means that the pods are a bit bigger, which means that you can enjoy longer vaping sessions before you’ll need to refill the pod or recharge the battery.

In vaping, a small difference in size can lead to a big difference in performance. That’s evident in the larger battery capacity and increased e-liquid storage of the SMOK Novo 3 as compared to the SMOK Nfix. Where size in a vaping device is most important, though, is in its atomizer coil. The larger an atomizer coil is, the greater its surface area is – and the surface area of an atomizer coil is the main factor that determines its vapor production. Therefore, the SMOK Novo 3 delivers dramatically larger vapor clouds compared to the SMOK Nfix. The cloud production is so impressive, in fact, that you’ll probably want to lower the nicotine strength of your e-liquid if you upgrade to the Novo 3 from the Nfix or another small vaping device.

While the SMOK Novo 3 offers enhanced performance, it remains as simple to use as the Nfix. The only maintenance tasks that you’ll need to perform when using the device are refilling the pod and recharging the battery – same as with the Nfix. However, the SMOK Novo 3 offers a larger selection of pods, and the wider selection allows you to customize your vaping experience in different ways. The selection of SMOK Novo pods includes mouth-to-lung pods, mesh coil pods, a pod with a quartz coil, a pod with a ceramic wick and more.

Who Should Buy the SMOK Novo 3?

The SMOK Novo 3 is simple enough that you should have no trouble using it even if you’re completely new to vaping. As we’ve just described, it’s as simple as the SMOK Nfix while offering upgraded capabilities. The Novo 3, however, might be best in the hands of someone with a bit of vaping experience. That’s partially because you may find the device’s vapor production a bit overwhelming if you’re new to vaping and partially because you might prefer a device that doesn’t have such a large selection of pods. If you have higher nicotine needs and don’t mind trying several different pods until you find your favorite, though, the SMOK Novo 3 might be perfect for you.

What Is the SMOK Nord 2?

SMOK Nord 2

The SMOK Nord 2 is SMOK’s offering for experienced vapers who love pod systems but want something offering a bit more flexibility and performance – something that behaves more like a pod mod than a basic pod system.

The SMOK Nord 2 has basically the same exterior shell as the Novo 3, but that’s where the similarities end. While pod systems like the Nfix and Novo 3 use fully disposable pods – use the pod until its flavor changes, then throw it away – the Nord 2 uses a slightly different system in which you keep the pod but replace the atomizer coil.

The Nord 2 works with both SMOK Nord coils and SMOK RPM coils. It comes with two pods – one for each type of coil. In all, the SMOK Nord 2 works with 12 different coils – plus a rebuildable coil – to give you an enormous variety of different vaping experiences with a single device. The SMOK Nord 2 enables a wide variety of mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung experiences, and it is appropriate for anything from a super-refined high-nicotine setting to a full-on cloud chasing party.

When you have a device that works with as many different coils as the SMOK Nord 2 does, it’s important for that device to have adjustable power. There’s no way that a vaping device can produce the ideal experience with 12 different coils if it only operates at one wattage. The SMOK Nord 2 has a 40-watt power range, and since ease of use is always the name of the game with pod systems, you can adjust the wattage on the Nord 2 using the same button that you use to vape.

Who Should Buy the SMOK Nord 2?

The SMOK Nord 2 is the perfect step-up device if you’re on your first or second pod system and you want greater power and flexibility but aren’t interested in buying a full-blown vape mod. If you’re looking for something that can really upgrade your vaping experience and are OK with the idea of replacing your atomizer coil periodically instead of simply throwing the entire pod away, you’ll probably be very happy with the SMOK Nord 2. If you’re shopping for your first vaping device, though, we recommend getting a simpler device like the SMOK Nfix or Novo 3 instead. As great as it may be to have a device with so many different atomizer coils available, We think that you might find the SMOK Nord 2 a bit overwhelming if you’re new to vaping.

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