Nicotine-Free Disposable Vape

Although the vast majority of the people who vape use e-liquid with nicotine, demand for nicotine-free vapes is actually much higher than you might realize. Nicotine might be the primary addictive component of tobacco, but some people find that it’s not the main thing compelling them to smoke. If you’re one of those people, you may find that you’re perfectly happy to vape without nicotine as long as you can blow some tasty clouds and keep your hands and mouth busy.

Vaping without nicotine might be a surprisingly enjoyable alternative to using a traditional e-liquid with nicotine – but if you want to go the nicotine-free route, buying a no-nicotine disposable vape is definitely not the way to go. Instead, what you really want to do is buy a refillable vape pen. Reading this article, you’re going to learn why.

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, though, let’s start at the beginning. Why are nicotine-free vapes so popular? It’s time for you to find out.

Why Do People Want to Use Nicotine-Free Vapes?

No Nicotine Disposable Vape

Although the majority of those who vape do use nicotine, there is also a significant minority of people who use nicotine-free vapes at least part of the time. Why is nicotine-free vaping so popular? It all comes down to three reasons.

Nicotine Isn’t Necessary for Vaping to Be Enjoyable

Although nicotine is the primary chemical that makes tobacco addictive, it isn’t strictly necessary for the enjoyment of vaping. Even without nicotine, vaping still allows you to inhale and exhale a smoke-like vapor. It still allows you to enjoy a variety of tasty and satisfying flavors, and it still replaces the hand-to-mouth ritual of smoking. Some people find that those things are really all they need. They start vaping, and even without nicotine, they find that they’re able to stop smoking. In fact, there are many parts of the world in which vaping is legal, but e-liquid with nicotine either can’t be purchased without a prescription or isn’t allowed at all. In those places, people have still switched to vaping and stopped smoking by the thousands. You may find that you can be one of those people as well, even though e-liquid with nicotine is perfectly legal here.

You Might Want to Reduce Your Nicotine Intake After Switching to Vaping

Even if you’ve already stopped smoking and are a full-time vaper, nicotine-free e-liquid may still be of interest to you because it’s possible that you might like to eventually eliminate your nicotine consumption completely. Vaping can make it fairly easy to reduce your nicotine intake because e-liquid is available in a wide range of different strengths. You can start out with a strength of 50 mg/ml and work your way to strengths as low as 3 mg/ml. To reduce your nicotine strength further from that point, though, you’ll need to start mixing 3 mg/ml e-liquid and nicotine-free e-liquid. For instance, mixing a bottle of 3 mg/ml e-liquid and a bottle of nicotine-free e-liquid gives you a strength of 1.5 mg/ml. Using nicotine-free e-liquid is ultimately your goal if you want to use vaping to quit nicotine – but it can come in handy even when you’re still using nicotine because it can enable you to mix e-liquids with extremely low nicotine strengths that aren’t commercially available.

You Might Want to Stop Using Nicotine at Night

Even if you don’t currently have any interest in switching to nicotine-free e-liquid on a full-time basis, there may still be certain times when you want to stop using nicotine temporarily. Since nicotine is a powerful stimulant, for instance, you may find that using nicotine before bedtime makes it difficult for you to fall asleep. If that’s the case, you may find that switching to nicotine-free e-liquid before bed improves your sleep quality.

These Are the Tastiest Nicotine-Free E-Liquids on the Market

One of the most important things to know about using a nicotine-free vape is that nicotine itself contributes flavor to an e-liquid. Without the nicotine, you may find that some e-liquids taste a little bland because they lack the peppery complexity that you're used to experiencing when you vape or smoke. If you're going to switch to a nicotine-free e-liquid, you need to choose something that delivers some truly awesome flavor. Here are a few of the best options on the market today.

  • Humble Juice Co: We hate to humblebrag, but Humble Juice Co produces some pretty darn tasty vape juice. Some of this company's flavors have become all-time classics of the vaping industry and continue to be huge sellers today. We're talking about the wonderful dessert that is Humble Crumble and the melon-tinged Sweater Puppets -- these e-liquids are absolute perfection, even without the nicotine.
  • Frozen Fruit Monster: Fruit and ice e-liquids are some of the most popular flavor profiles on the market today. They're sweet and refreshing at the same time, and a bit of menthol also helps to simulate the throat hit that you no longer experience when you go nicotine free. With flavors like Black Cherry Ice and Banana Ice, it's safe to say that Frozen Fruit Monster has something for everyone.
  • Glas Basix Series: If you want to experience a tobacco flavor that tastes entirely authentic even without the nicotine, you've got to try Glas Basix Series. This is one of the vaping industry's truly classic brands, and its flavor selection includes some great options like Creamy RY4 Butterscotch Reserve and Bold Rich Black Tobacco. If you prefer sweeter flavors, you'll find plenty of those as well. Try Blueberry Cake or Mango Tango to experience some serious deliciousness.

Why a No-Nicotine Disposable Vape Won’t Give You the Ideal Experience

0 Nicotine Disposable Vape

Regardless of why you’re interested in using a nicotine-free vape, you’re undoubtedly aware that disposable vapes are the most popular vaping devices in the world right now and may be curious as to whether a no-nicotine disposable vape might be the type of device you should buy in order to explore the world of nicotine-free vaping. The fact is, though, that using a nicotine-free vape is far from an ideal experience.

The reason why you’re not likely to have a very enjoyable experience with a zero-nicotine disposable vape is because disposables typically have very high levels of nicotine. That, in fact, is one of their biggest selling points. A disposable vape doesn’t produce enormous vapor clouds, but it’s still completely satisfying because of the high concentration of nicotine in each puff. Without the nicotine, though, a disposable vape isn’t particularly pleasurable to use – it’s just a small vaping device that produces tiny clouds without a great deal of flavor.

On that topic, depth of flavor isn’t the only area in which you’re probably going to find nicotine-free disposable vapes a bit lackluster. The fact is that you’re not likely to find a wide flavor selection at all when you shop for disposable vapes without nicotine because nicotine-free disposables aren’t in very high demand. Almost everyone who uses disposable vapes buys devices with nicotine, so manufacturers don’t have a great deal of incentive to produce a wide variety of nicotine-free models.

How to Have the Best Possible Experience with Nicotine-Free Vapes

If you want to give nicotine-free vaping a try, we hope we’ve established the fact that you’re not likely to have a great time with a no-nicotine disposable vape and that you’re much more likely to have a satisfying experience with a refillable vape pen. With that in mind, what can you do to ensure that your experience will be as good as it can be? That’s what we’ll discuss next.

Use a Device with Substantial Vapor Production

The first thing to know about using nicotine-free e-liquid – and the biggest reason why you’re not likely to have a great experience with a nicotine-free disposable vape – is because vaping without nicotine is always more pleasurable if you use a device that generates large clouds. If you’re used to using vape juice with nicotine, you’re going to find that, in comparison, using nicotine-free e-liquid feels almost like you’re inhaling plain water vapor. The throat hit from the nicotine is completely missing. One way to replace it is by using a device that produces very large vapor clouds. If you’re blowing enormous clouds across the room, you’re definitely going to feel something – even if you’re not getting the throat hit from the nicotine.

The other reason why vapor production is so important is because the more vapor your device produces, the bolder the flavor will be. Flavor will become an even more important component of the enjoyment you derive from vaping if you’re not using nicotine because nicotine contributes to the overall flavor of an e-liquid. Without the nicotine, you may find that even your favorite e-liquid tastes a bit bland unless you’re using a device with sufficient vapor production.

Experiment with Many E-Liquid Flavors

Speaking of your favorite e-liquids, it’s important not to get too stuck on one flavor if you’re switching from vape juice with nicotine to nicotine-free e-liquid. You may find that the absence of nicotine can change an e-liquid’s flavor profile dramatically and that you no longer enjoy the flavor quite as much as you once did. Because the absence of nicotine can change your perception of an e-liquid’s flavor, it’s a good idea to try a wide variety of different flavors when you experiment with nicotine-free e-liquids. You may find that vaping without nicotine completely changes your flavor preferences.

Try Menthol E-Liquid to Simulate the Throat Hit of Nicotine

If you switch to nicotine-free e-liquid and find yourself missing the throat hit of nicotine, there’s no easy way to fix that because nothing feels exactly the same. However, there is a way that you can feel a stronger sensation in your throat when you vape without nicotine – you can use a plain menthol e-liquid with a very high level of menthol. You may have to experiment with a few different e-liquids in order to find the one that has your ideal level of coolness. When you discover the right vape juice for you, though, you’ll find that the strong cooling sensation in your throat can go a long way toward replacing the throat hit that you lost when you switched to nicotine-free e-liquid.