How to Take Apart Vape Tank

Have you encountered a vape tank that was a bit stubborn when you tried to disassemble it? There are three common reasons why you might need to take apart a vape tank.

  • You need to replace the atomizer coil.
  • You want to clean the tank to prevent flavor carryover when changing e-liquid flavors.
  • You’ve broken your tank’s glass enclosure and need to remove the pieces of glass.

You’re here because you want to learn how to take apart a vape tank – either because you’re new to vape tanks in general or because you have a tank that’s stuck. We’re here to help with both scenarios! Let’s learn how to disassemble a vape tank.

It's Time for a New Vape Tank

If you're sick of troubleshooting a finicky vape tank, it's time to up your game with something new. Here are a few of the best vape tanks on the market today.

  • SMOK T-Air: This is the latest flagship model in what is probably the most popular series of vape tanks in the world. In creating the T-Air tank, the designers at SMOK finally solved the problem of top airflow and created a tank that runs almost silently but doesn't hamper vapor production. The SMOK T-Air is easy to take apart, easy to fill and completely leak resistant.
  • Freemax M Pro 3: If you want the best vape tank for clouds, you've got to try the Freemax M Pro 3. Created by the company that invented the mesh coil tank, the M Pro 3 is the most amazing creation yet from Freemax and offers truly awe-inspiring performance. Featuring a redesigned 904L mesh coil, the M Pro 3 has extra-tall air intake vents to ensure an incredibly smooth draw.
  • Freemaxx Gemm Disposable: Are you sick of troubleshooting problems with your vape tank and disassembling it for cleaning? It's time to try the more convenient option and buy a disposable tank. Sold in packs of two, the Freemax Gemm is surprisingly affordable and features the same mesh coil technology that appears in Freemax's standard tanks. When you're no longer happy with the flavor, you can just throw the entire tank away. Vaping has never been more convenient!

How to Take Apart a Vape Tank

In most cases, disassembling a vape tank is a simple task that you can perform in a matter of seconds. Simply grip the tank’s top hardware and bottom hardware in opposite hands and twist counterclockwise to loosen the threads.

After you’ve unscrewed the tank, you’ll have two halves: the bottom hardware with the atomizer coil attached and the top hardware with the mouthpiece and the glass attached.

  • To remove the atomizer coil, unscrew it by twisting counterclockwise.
  • To remove the glass, wiggle it gently to slide it off of the silicone or rubber o-ring holding it in place.
  • To remove the mouthpiece, lift it straight up to pop it out of its socket.

Many modern vape tanks have coils that screw into both the top and bottom hardware. Sometimes, the coil will remain attached to the top half of the tank rather than the bottom. If this happens, you can remove the coil in the same way; just twist it counterclockwise. Grip the main body of the coil rather than the threading at the bottom.

How to Remove Stuck Glass From a Vape Tank

One of the problems you might encounter when disassembling a vape tank is that the glass can sometimes be extremely stubborn. No matter how much you might wiggle the glass, it simply refuses to move. You don’t want to use tools or apply too much force in this case, because you’ll break the glass.

Here’s a really simple trick that’ll loosen the seal and help you remove the stuck glass from your tank.

Just get a length of dental floss and place it in the seam between the glass and the tank’s hardware. Hold the floss tight while wrapping it around the tank repeatedly. As you go, the floss will gently push the glass away from the rubber gasket until it pops off.

How to Disassemble a Vape Tank With a Locking Chimney

While the disassembly instructions that we provided above will work with almost all of the tanks on the market, there are a few tanks with unique designs. One of the best known of those is the Uwell Crown 3 (since replaced by the Uwell Crown 4, which has a different design). The Uwell Crown 3 uses a unique drop-in coil replacement system in which the coil isn’t threaded. Therefore, the tank is held together by an internal chimney. When you unscrew the tank’s hardware to add e-liquid or replace the coil, the chimney stays put.

To disassemble the Uwell Crown 3 or another tank with a locking chimney, remove the tank’s top and bottom hardware. Take the key included with the tank and place it in the chimney under the tank’s top hardware. The key locks into the matching notches in the chimney. Twist the key to unlock the tank.

How to Remove and Replace a Vape Coil

The most common reason for wanting to take apart a vape tank is because you’re replacing the atomizer coil. As we mentioned above, the atomizer coil usually screws into the tank’s bottom hardware, and you can remove it by twisting it counterclockwise.

To install a replacement coil, screw the coil firmly into the tank’s bottom hardware. Take a bottle of e-liquid and place a bit of juice on each of the coil’s wick openings until you no longer see dry cotton. Reassemble and fill the tank. Wait several minutes before vaping to ensure that the cotton is completely soaked.

How to Remove and Replace a Vape Tank’s Rubber Seals

Whenever you buy a new vape tank, you’ll get a bag of replacement rubber seals. Those seals act as gaskets, ensuring that your e-liquid won’t seep out of the bottom of the tank. The reason why every tank includes a set of replacement o-rings is because, with repeated use of the tank, the seals can sometimes warp, stretch or tear. To replace a gasket, simply slide it off with your finger and gently stretch a new seal into its place.

After you’ve replaced one of your tank’s seals, you might find it difficult to piece the tank back together without warping the new seal. That’s because the seal is dry. Lubricate it with a little e-liquid to make the tank slide back together easily.

How to Remove Broken Glass From a Vape Tank

As we’ve just explained, a vape tank’s glass enclosure can be an extremely stubborn component to remove. That’s even more problematic if you happen to break the glass because you’re going to encounter some sharp shards when you try to remove the remaining pieces.

To avoid cuts, it’s a good idea to wear gloves when removing the broken glass from your tank. It’s also safe to use a tool such as tweezers since the glass is already broken anyway. Remove the coil from the tank and discard it; you don’t want to risk inhaling glass.

After you’re certain that you’ve removed all of the glass shards, rinse the tank’s components in warm, soapy water to remove any remaining bits that you can’t see.

    How to Take Apart a Stuck Vape Tank

    So far, our instructions for disassembling a vape tank have focused on taking your tank apart when it isn’t giving you any problems. What do you, though, if you can’t take your tank apart because it’s stuck? Having a vape tank that’s stuck is a pretty common problem because some vape tanks are screwed together extremely tightly at the factories where they’re made. You take a new tank out of the box, and you try to disassemble it because you want to prime the factory coil or install a different coil – and the thing refuses to budge.

    You might also have trouble disassembling a stuck vape tank because the internal vacuum is too strong or because you made an error when assembling the tank. If the threads are crossed – or a gasket is bunched up between the threads – unscrewing the tank’s hardware can be extremely difficult.

    In some cases, a vape tank can simply be stubborn because the machining of the threads isn’t so good. That could be a sign that you’ve gotten a counterfeit tank, but it’s more likely just a case of subpar workmanship. Some vape manufacturers are better than others.

    So, how do you take apart a vape tank that’s stuck? We’ve got some quick fixes that are guaranteed to help. If one fix doesn’t work, just move on to the next one!

    • Wear work gloves with grippy fingers when attempting to twist the tank apart.
    • Try soaking the tank in warm, soapy water to loosen the threads.
    • Grip the tank’s hardware with the tacky bottom surface of an old mousepad.
    • If all else fails, you can unscrew the tank with a wrench or vice grips. Put a rag under the teeth of your tool to prevent the tool from scratching the tank’s finish.

    When you reassemble your tank, try putting a drop of e-liquid on the threads. You may find that a bit of lubrication makes the threads easier to turn in the future.