Hotbox Vape Review

If there’s one thing that rechargeable disposable vapes like the Elf Bar BC5000 have proven, it’s that people have a great deal of interest in buying long-lasting devices. Although the smaller disposable vapes that have been released over the past year or two have certainly gotten plenty of attention, people wanted disposable vapes to be even more affordable. They wanted devices that they could use for a week or more without worrying about how much e-liquid was left – sort of like buying a carton of cigarettes once a week. In response to that demand, we now have rechargeable disposable vapes that last thousands of puffs before running out of e-liquid.

Now that we have disposable vapes delivering 5,000 puffs, it’s natural to wonder how much further things can go. The more vape juice a disposable vape has, the more puffs it’ll deliver before it needs to be replaced – and the longer a disposable vape lasts, the less you pay per day to use it. That’s a big win from a cost standpoint. On the other hand, there’s also a question as to how large disposable vapes can possibly get before people decide that they’re just too unwieldly and begin using refillable devices instead.

Well, we haven’t reached that point yet because there’s a new leader in the race to build the longest-lasting disposable vape. That device is the Hotbox vape by Puff Brands, and it lasts a whopping 7,500 puffs. Should you add this hot hew disposable vape to your next purchase? Our answer is an unqualified “yes” – but if you’re not convinced, this review of the Hotbox disposable vape is the article that you need to read.

View the Hotbox disposable vape now and find out what everyone is talking about. Costs just $11.99 per device.

Try the Latest Disposable Vape from Puff

The Puff Hotbox was one of the first long-lasting rechargeable disposable vapes to hit the market. Although it remains extremely popular today, it's also been around for a while, and Puff has since released a new revision: the new Puff Pixi Pro. Give it a try if you're still trying to choose your next new disposable. Here's what makes the Puff Pixi Pro special:

  • It has an even higher nicotine strength than most disposable vapes: 6% (60 mg/ml). If you've tried other disposables and found that they weren't quite satisfying enough for you, the Puff Pixi Pro might be the ideal alternative.
  • It's filled with 14 ml of vape juice and lasts up to 8,000 puffs -- even longer than the Puff Hotbox.
  • The flavor selection is absolutely amazing. The Puff Pixi Pro comes in 30 incredible flavors including some absolute must-try options like Black Cherry Cola Ice, Cali Tobacco, Blue Razz Grape Ice and Sour Watermelon Ice. There's even an unflavored option available.
  • The Pixi Pro has an absolutely awesome design. It's gently curved to fit comfortably in your hand or pocket, and every flavor has a unique color for easy identification.

Hotbox Disposable Vape: Features and Specs

Hotbox Vape Flavors

The Hotbox disposable vape is so full featured that it practically qualifies as a full-fledged vape kit in a disposable format. This device has a number of features that are either rare or impossible to find elsewhere, and we’ll provide an overview of those features here.

  • Filled with 16 ml of vape juice with synthetic tobacco-free nicotine to provide up to 7,500 puffs.
  • Has a built-in 600 mAh battery and a USB-C port for quick charging – and unlike most disposable vapes, includes a charging cable.
  • Has a lanyard loop allowing you to wear the device around your neck and includes the lanyard.
  • Uses a mesh coil instead of a traditional wound coil for the best vapor production you’ve ever seen from a small disposable vape.
  • Pre-charged and pre-filled – ready to go right out of the package.

Hotbox Vape Flavors

It’s always great for a disposable vape to have impressive features and specifications, and you’ll definitely notice the things that make the Hotbox vape unique when you use it. The features of a disposable vape, however, aren’t the reasons why you buy a particular device. The thing that keeps you buying a particular disposable vape is always the flavor selection, and we’re happy to say that the Hotbox vape offers some truly impressive flavors. Here’s a list.

  • Aloe Grape: The slightly tangy flavor of aloe serves as a perfect counterpoint to this e-liquid’s rich grape base.
  • Black Ice: If you like dark berry notes in an e-liquid, you’ll absolutely love what happens to those flavors when a dash of cool menthol is added. This e-liquid has an irresistible blend of blueberry and blackberry flavors.
  • Blue Slushee Ice: Who can resist a perfect blue raspberry slush? This Hotbox vape flavor pairs a perfect blue raspberry base with a cool menthol finish to give you the authentic convenience store slush experience you’ve been searching for everywhere.
  • Clear: An unflavored disposable vape – who knew that an e-liquid with no flavor at all could be so tasty? When you want to give your taste buds a break or clear up a case of vaper’s tongue, this is exactly what you want.
  • Crisp Menthol: If you’re a serious menthol fan, this is the Hotbox flavor you want. A perfectly neutral mint base pairs beautifully with an extra-cold menthol finish.
  • Gummy: The perfect flavor for candy lovers, the Gummy Hotbox tastes just like eating a big mouthful of gummy bears in assorted fruit flavors.
  • Ice Cream Cake: You won’t find another flavor like this one anywhere. It tastes like a big slice of birthday cake – complete with rainbow sprinkles – served with a side of vanilla ice cream.
  • Lush Ice: This Hotbox flavor gives you an authentic taste of watermelon candy with a chilly menthol finish – it’s an absolute must for fruit-and-ice fans.
  • Strawberry Apple Ice: Speaking of fruit-and-ice e-liquids, Strawberry Apple Ice is destined to become an all-time classic. Combining the flavors of ripe strawberries and fresh-pressed apple juice, this flavor finishes with a dash of menthol for extra refreshment.
  • Rainbow Snowcone: If the shaved ice trend has caught on where you live, you’ll love this absolutely authentic snow cone flavor with a sweet strawberry base and a cool menthol finish.
  • Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum: Here’s a classic of the vape juice world, finally available in a disposable vape. It’s a totally delicious bubblegum e-liquid in which the juicy notes of strawberry and watermelon intertwine perfectly.
  • Strawberry Watermelon Ice: If you like strawberry and watermelon – but bubblegum isn’t quite your thing – you should definitely try the Strawberry Watermelon Ice Hotbox flavor as an alternative. You’ll love the refreshing menthol finish.
  • Tropical Slushee: Delivering a mix of sweet tropical fruits blended with ice-cold menthol, you’re not likely to find a disposable vape anywhere that’s as refreshing as this one.
  • Watermelon Slushee: If you’re tired of more complex e-liquid blends and wish that you could find something a little more straightforward, this is the one. You’ll never get bored of this tasty watermelon-and-menthol blend.
  • White Gummy Ice: Who doesn’t love the sweet and vaguely tropical flavor of white gummy bears? With this Hotbox flavor, you’ll get that classic white gummy flavor along with a refreshingly cool menthol finish.
  • White Peach Razz: There aren’t enough peach e-liquids in the world, and this e-liquid takes peach to the next level by blending it with a deliciously tangy raspberry note.

How do Rechargeable Disposable Vapes Work?

Hotbox Disposable Vape

If your only previous experiences with disposable vapes have involved devices of the single-use variety, the idea of a disposable vape with a rechargeable battery might strike you as a little strange. After all, if you wanted to go through the trouble of recharging your device, why wouldn’t you just buy a full vape kit that you can refill as well?

As soon as you use a rechargeable disposable vape for the first time, though, it’ll make perfect sense to you. People have always wanted longer-lasting disposable vapes. A device that lasts a few hundred puffs only lasts a day or two, and then you’ve got to buy another one. The Hotbox disposable vape, on the other hand, lasts up to 7,500 puffs – for most people, that’s a week or more of full-time vaping before you’ll even need to start thinking about replacing the device.

Are you always a little anxious when you leave the house with a disposable vape because you’re not sure how close the device is to running out of e-liquid or battery power? When you use a rechargeable disposable vape, those worries will be things of the past. Although needing to charge the battery periodically adds a bit of maintenance that you don’t have to worry about with smaller disposable vapes, there’s no way to build a disposable vape capable of delivering up to 7,500 puffs unless you use a rechargeable battery.

It’s also worthwhile to note that charging the battery is the simplest and least unpleasant maintenance aspect of owning a vaping device. Many people hate the messy job of replacing the coil in a tank or pod, and you don’t have to worry about that with a rechargeable disposable vape. Just keep the battery charged until the device runs out of e-liquid, and you’re all set.

The other reason why rechargeable disposable vapes have become so popular is because they’re incredibly inexpensive to use. The Hotbox vape, for example, costs just $19.99 and might last a week or more before you need to replace it. If the device lasts a week, that means you’re paying less than $3.00 per day to vape. At that price, why trouble yourself with a device that requires you to refill the tank constantly and replace the coil every few days? Rechargeable disposable vapes are convenient, and they’re the cheapest vapes on the market.

How to Use the Hotbox Disposable Vape

We love the fact that the Hotbox disposable vape includes its own charging cable. That means it’s a complete vape kit that’s ready to use right out of the box and requires no accessories. To use the device, just puff gently on it as if you were smoking a cigarette. When the light starts blinking, it’s time to recharge the battery. Connect the Hotbox to your computer with the included USB cable and wait about an hour. At that point, you’re ready to resume vaping. When the device starts to produce a burnt flavor, it’s out of e-liquid. At that point, you’ll need to replace it.