Geek Bar Pulse Review

Words like “revolutionary” often feel like they’re overused in the vaping world. Even in an industry that’s still relatively young and growing rapidly, every product can’t truly be revolutionary. The Geek Bar Pulse is one of the rare exceptions. When people call this device a game changer, they’re not lying.

The Geek Bar Pulse is the first disposable vape to feature two vaping modes, and it’s also the first disposable vape with a smart screen that shows you the device’s battery status and e-liquid supply. Although this device just came out in late 2023, practically every new disposable vape that has reached the market since then has copied one or both of those features. The Geek Bar Pulse was there first, though, and the members of the vaping community have rightly rewarded it with the popularity it deserves.

So, are you interested in buying a disposable vape that lets you customize your vaping experience almost like a vape mod, without all of the extra work? The Geek Bar Pulse might be a good fit for you. In this review, we’ll examine the new device that has put Geek Bar back on the map.

What Makes the Geek Bar Pulse So Special?

The Geek Bar Pulse has two features that really make it stand out in the world of disposable vapes.

  • It’s the first disposable vape that allows you to choose between single-coil and dual-coil configurations for the vapor volume and flavor intensity that you prefer. A switch on the bottom of the device allows you to toggle between the two modes. In the standard vaping mode, the Geek Bar pulse will give you a milder experience and will last up to 15,000 puffs. In Pulse Mode, the Geek Bar Pulse generates larger and more flavorful clouds while lasting up to 7,500 puffs.
  • It’s the first disposable vape with a smart display that shows you when you’ll need to recharge the battery and how much e-liquid remains in the device. One of the major issues with disposable vapes has always been a lack of feedback. Apart from paying attention to the vapor production and flavor, there’s no way of knowing when most disposable vapes are going to run out of e-liquid because they’re opaque. The Geek Bar Pulse eliminates this source of confusion with a digital meter that gradually runs down as you use the device’s supply of vape juice.

How Do You Use the Geek Bar Pulse?

Even if you’re completely new to vaping, using the Geek Bar Pulse should be second nature to you almost from the very beginning. The fact that this device has multiple settings, however, makes it a little different from most other disposable vapes – so here’s a quick walkthrough that will help you get used to it.

  • To get started with the Geek Bar Pulse, you’ll first need to unbox it correctly. Tear the strip around the top of the box. Remove and open the inner pouch. Remove the silicone plug from the mouthpiece.
  • Turn the Geek Bar Pulse on by moving the tab on the bottom of the device to the middle or upper position. The Geek Bar Pulse doesn’t have a sticker on the bottom of the device like many disposable vapes because it actually turns on and off. When the tab is in the first position, the device is off. When you move the tab, the device’s screen should turn on.
  • Puff on the device to vape. If you’re new to vaping, try to puff more gently than you would when smoking a cigarette. If you use too much air pressure, the Geek Bar Pulse may gurgle or spit e-liquid into your mouth.
  • To change the Geek Bar Pulse’s settings, flip the switch on the bottom of the device. In order from the bottom (Close) position, the three settings are off, normal (up to 15,000 puffs) and Pulse (up to 7,500 puffs with double the vapor production).
  • When the battery indicator is empty, recharge the Geek Bar Pulse by connecting it to your computer with a USB-C cable.
  • When the e-liquid indicator is nearly empty, you should plan to replace the device soon. If the Geek Bar Pulse begins producing a very burnt flavor, it’s out of vape juice.

What Are the Best Geek Bar Pulse Flavors?

We offer more than 50 Geek Bar Pulse flavors here at Given the enormous selection, it’s natural that you might want a little help choosing what you’re going to try first. In this section of our review, we’re going to help you with that by running through some of our favorite flavors for this device.

  • Best Fruit Flavor: Mexico Mango
    • Mango e-liquids are unbelievably popular these days, and Geek Bar’s mango has been one of the tastiest on the market for a long time. It’s super juicy with just the right amount of sweetness, and it’ll always leave you wanting just one more puff.
  • Best Fruit-and-Ice Flavor: Sour Apple Ice
    • Most of the fruit-and-ice flavors on the market blend sweet fruits with menthol, but this one starts with a sour base to give you an experience with an extra dose of mouth-puckering tartness. When this one runs out, we can guarantee that you’ll be coming back for more.
  • Best Traditional Flavor: Coffee Tobacco
    • Enjoy the official smoker’s breakfast in vapor form! If you started every day with a cup of coffee and a cigarette when you were a smoker, you’re going to love this flavor. A base of rich coffee and bold tobacco blends beautifully with a top note of sweet cream.
  • Best Candy Flavor: White Gummy Ice
    • If you can imagine eating a handful of white gummy bears out of the freezer and feeling them melt in your mouth, you’ll have a good idea of what the experience is like with this Geek Bar flavor. It works unbelievably well.
  • Best Dessert Flavor: Orange Creamsicle
    • If you enjoy frozen desserts, we think you’ll agree that sweet vanilla ice cream and tart orange are just about the most perfect flavor combination ever. That’s what you’ll get with the Orange Creamsicle flavor from Geek Bar, which is a flawless experience from start to finish.
  • Best Beverage Flavor: Green Tea Ice
    • A mild and slightly grassy base note of green tea combines with a light touch of menthol to make you feel like you’re enjoying a freshly brewed glass of iced tea on a warm summer afternoon.

What Should You Do if Your Geek Bar Pulse Isn’t Working?

Quality is one thing that you can always count on when you buy a disposable vape by Geek Vape. This is a company that’s been in the industry for a long time, and they make some of the most popular products in every segment of the market. Geek Bar disposable vapes wouldn’t be as popular as they are unless they were reliable, but it’s still possible to encounter a situation where your device doesn’t behave as you expect. Here what you should do if your Geek Bar Pulse isn’t working.

  • Blinking Red: If your Geek Bar Pulse is blinking red, it’s likely that the device has been dropped on a hard surface. In some cases, the only real effect of being dropped is that the device’s internal puff sensor gets stuck and becomes unresponsive. Try blowing firmly through the device’s mouthpiece to get the puff sensor working again. If that doesn’t work, it’s possible that the device has internal damage. If you’re using a brand-new Geek Bar Pulse and the device has never worked, return it to the retailer.
  • Not Charging: If the screen doesn’t respond when you connect the Geek Bar Pulse to your computer, the battery isn’t charging. The good news is that you can almost always fix this by replacing the charging cable. If your device still isn’t charging, check the USB-C port for lint and remove it with a toothpick.

The Bottom Line: The Geek Bar Pulse Is a True Game Changer

The Geek Bar Pulse has only been around for a few months, and you can see how profound its influence on the industry has been simply by looking at the other disposable vapes that have been released since then. Just about every new disposable vape now has a smart display that shows the device’s battery life and e-liquid supply, and it’s such a useful feature that we really can’t see it ever going away. There are a few new disposable vapes that have copied the dual vaping modes of the Geek Bar Pulse as well. Clearly, this is what every disposable vape is going to look like in the very near future.

All of the features in the world wouldn’t matter if the Geek Bar Pulse didn’t deliver in the flavor department, and we’re glad to say that the mixologists at Geek Vape have worked their magic as always. As long as you don’t mind the fact that disposable vapes cost a little more than refillable devices in the long run, you’re going to find plenty to love here because the Geek Bar Pulse’s selection is already 51 flavors strong and still growing. This is easily one of the best disposable vapes on the market today.