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Yummi Blue Raspberry by Juice Roll Upz Licks 100ml

Explore a new realm of flavor with a bottle of Yummi Blue Raspberry by Juice Roll Upz Licks and give your lungs a sweet burst of blue raspberry gummy candies packaged within a top-shelf vape juice formula that will have you smiling until the final drops.

As you let in the first mouthful of Yummi Blue Raspberry, a sweet wave of tangy blue raspberries with a candied undertone barrels over your taste buds. From the released vapor cloud that fills the air around you rises a soft berry scent that trickles down onto your palate with a sweet touch. Once the final fading vapor whispers have died out, your mouth will be left with a lasting aftertaste of blue raspberry gummy candies that makes you yearn for another sweet rip.

The Juice Roll Upz brand has grown to be one of the most dominant names in today’s modern vaping community with a popular selection of e liquid recipes that have been perfected using the freshest ingredients and top of the line technology.

You can score your own 100ml-sized squeeze bottle of Yummi Blue Raspberry by Juice Roll Upz Licks here at Vape Juice where we offer the mix in 3mg and 6mg nicotine content levels.

  • Flavor Profile: Blue Raspberry Gummy Candy
  • Bottle Size: 100ml
  • Nicotine Levels: 3mg, 6mg

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