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Watermelon Drop Freeze by Hero Salts 30ml

Break into a summer with a puff of Watermelon Drop Freeze by Hero Salts and dive mouth-first into a smooth nicotine salt e liquid duet of ripe watermelons and chilling menthol. Make your vape sing the song of chilled fruit that brings you the nicotine you desire in fresh fashion.

While you take the first rip of Watermelon Drop Freeze, a cold menthol breeze will carry the sweet taste of summertime watermelons across your palate. With a small tuft of exhaled vapor comes the scent of crisp watermelons filling your nose while a chilling menthol wind buries your taste buds with a gust of frozen watermelon chunks. After the final remaining notes of vapor have dispersed, your mouth will still have a residual watermelon sweetness with the icy tinge of menthol resting in it.

Hero Salts is arguably one of the most successful new names taking over the vaping scene in today’s busting market and has developed a large array of fruit-inspired recipes crafted using the highest quality ingredients available.

You can grab a 30ml-sized squeeze bottle of Watermelon Drop Freeze by Hero Salts here at Vape Juice where we offer the blend in 30mg and 50mg nicotine content choices.

  • Flavor Profile: Watermelon, Menthol
  • Bottle Size: 30ml
  • Nicotine Levels: 30mg, 50mg

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