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Watermelon Apple by Cloud Nurdz is an amazing blend between juicy watermelon and sour apple that is by no means average. These two fruit flavors prove to be the perfect combination that complement each other better than you can imagine.


The inhale of this Cloud Nurdz flavor consists of the juicy watermelon sensation which sits perfectly with the taste buds. The flavor is not too strong but is powerful enough to get those saliva glands going. 


Upon exhaling Watermelon Apple is when both the hard candy and sour apple emerge from the shadows. The hard candy satisfies your sweet tooth and sour apple mixed with the watermelon which gives it that extra boost of flavor.


Customers who have tried this absolutely love it, and they love to leave their feedback! Online reviews verify just how great this e juice really is!


All of these events are taking place while the throat hit remains cool and undetectable. This means there are no burning or charring sensations whatsoever. You can take the biggest vape hit in the world without having to worry about coughing and wheezing after exhaling. This is what separates the Cloud Nurdz e juice flavors from the rest!


Watermelon Apple has been given to us by an award winning company that has produced numerous amounts of great e juice, Cloud Nurdz. 


Cloud Nurdz is known for their ability to bring one of America's most loved candies into your tank. The founders of this extraordinary company are set out to help as many smokers quit by providing a delicious.alternative that makes switching easy. And by the looks of it they are doing a heck of a job at it too. 


With a little splash of menthol on the original flavors they were able to create a second collection that is just as marvelous as the original!


What a coincidence! You just happen to be looking for one of the products we carry right here at Vape Juice, and at a great price. We always have the best products at the best prices online!


Thanks to the popularity that Watermelon Apple has been able to attract by consumers it has made it onto the shelves of many online vape shops and walk in shops.


Vape Juice carries Watermelon Apple by Cloud Nurdz in a 100ML bottle size with industry standard nicotine levels of 0MG, 3MG, and 6MG. Grab yourself a bottle or two of the premium all day vape!


Cloud Nurdz does indeed have their very own line of nicotine salts that include the award winning flavors from the original e juice collection. These mouth watering nicotine salts come in 30ML bottles and have nicotine level options of 25MG and 50MGs.


These nic salts are not meant to be put into your Sub-Ohm Tanks or Rda’s as they will most likely destroy them. You should only fill special vape pods that are specifically made to hold nicotine salts. 


Consumers all around the United States are in love with Watermelon Apple, and it is no secret. This e juice flies off of the shelf due to its blend of premium ingredients and flavor that hold strong through even the longest days. It doesn’t hurt that it goes for a super low price that even compares to the prices for some 60ML bottles.


All of the amazing flavor doesn’t stop at this! Cloud Nurdz has created many spectacular products just as good as this one. Some of these include their award winning Peach Blue Razz, savory Grape Apple, and divine Kiwi Melon. All of these will fulfill your vape cravings, and will take that much needed edge off.

  • Flavor Profile:
  • Watermelon, Apple, Hard Candy
  • VG/PG: 70/30
  • Nicotine Level: 0MG, 3MG, 6MG
  • Bottle Size: 100ML

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