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Tropical Chill by Clap Back Salts 30ml

Revel in the glory found in a bottle of Tropical Chill by Clap Back Salts and give your lungs a stunning treat of cantaloupe and honeydew melons cooled by the touch of menthol within this smooth-hitting nicotine salt e juice formula.

When your mouth fills with that first puff of Tropical Chill, a sweeping breeze of menthol delivers the taste of crisp cantaloupe chunks and succulent honeydew slices to your palate. From the exhaled tuft of thin vapor rises a soft melon aroma permeating your nose before your taste buds are engulfed in a menthol-frozen sea of cantaloupe and honeydew juices. You can find a resting aftertaste of melons and icy menthol settling in your mouth as you watch the last of the final vapor hints dissipate into the ether.

The Clap Back Salts selection provides a stunning series of fruit-themed recipes that have been manufactured by a professional team of artisans who use only the freshest ingredients and modern technology to create clean-tasting products.

You can score a 30ml-sized bottle of Tropical Chill by Clap Back Salts here at Vape Juice where we offer the flavor in 24mg and 48mg nicotine strength levels.

  • Flavor Profile: Cantaloupe, Honeydew, Menthol
  • Bottle Size: 30ml
  • Nicotine Levels: 24mg, 48mg

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