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The Bard by Elysian 120ml

Pump your vape experience up to the next level with The Bard by Elysian and give your tongue a ride of raspberry, lemonade, and menthol packaged inside a smooth-hitting vape juice formula. Whether you are on a conquest to find the ultimate fruit elixir for your vape or just need to take a vacation from vaping on the usual suspects, this scintillating rendition of frozen fruit will have your vape thanking you as you chase that refreshing nicotine sensation.

As you take in that first voluptuous rip of The Bard, your taste buds will sing the song of juicy raspberries and tart lemons with a cold bite of icy menthol. While you let out a dense and spreading plume of vapor on the exhale, your nose will fill with a rushing aroma of raspberry lemonade as your tongue battles a wild berry and tart lemon taste featuring a chilling touch of menthol. With the last clinging whispers of vapor dispersing from sight, a residual raspberry sweetness and aftertaste of tangy lemons rest on your palate with a tinge of menthol chill.

The Elysian brand is a popular destination for vapers around the globe as this distinct menu of premium quality vape liquids covers just about every imaginable flavor profile with a clean-tasting and reliable formula. Every recipe is refined by a team of passionate artisans utilizing the best ingredients and technology to deliver an affordable product that brings joy until the last drop.

We carry The Bard by Elysian in a 120ml-sized package here at Vape Juice that you can order in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine concentration levels to suit your personal preferences.

  • Flavor Profile: Raspberry, Lemonade, Menthol
  • Bottle Size: 120ml (2 x 60ml)
  • Nicotine Levels: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg
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