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Prism by Elysian 120ml

Dive into a bottle of Prism by Elysian and explore a rainbow of mixed fruit flavors with a sour touch packaged inside a premium vape juice blend that delivers smooth nicotine and creative tastes. Whether you have embarked on a journey to find your next all day vape, or you simply want to change up from vaping the same old thing, this delectable fruit journey will have your vape thanking you until the final drop.

From the moment the initial inhale of Prism creeps across your palate, your mouth will fill with a burst of wild fruit flavors with a sharp sour undertone. As you push out a huge cloud of vapor from your lungs, your nose will be filled with a rushing citrus and fruit aroma while your taste buds recoil from the sour punch of tart fruit notes. The final remaining ghosts of vapor will fade but leave you with a lasting sour aftertaste in your mouth with various fruit notes making you crave another juice hit.

The Elysian name has been an integral part of the modern vaping industry for nearly a decade with a huge following and a massive menu to match. Every batch of liquid from this series is developed in a modern lab where professionals utilize the finest ingredients available to provide a clean-tasting and reliable product that is affordable and reliable.

We carry 120ml-sized packages of Prism by Elysian here at Vape Juice where you can score yours in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strength options.

Flavor Profile: Sour Mixed Fruit

Bottle Size: 120ml (2 x 60ml)

Nicotine Levels: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

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