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Malibu by Pod Juice Salt PJ5000 Series - 30mL

The Pod Juice Salt PJ5000 Series keeps producing amazing nicotine salt juices, and Malibu is no exception. The mixologists at Pod Juice Salt know what it takes to make a perfectly balanced tasting juice and that is why they have been on top of the vaping rankings for some time now.

Step into a tropical paradise with Malibu, a juice that offers orange, citrus and mint flavor profiles. All of these flavors blend together perfectly to give you the feeling of standing on the worlds best beaches. From inhale to exhale it is like a tropical party taking place on your tastebuds.

Pod Juice Salt have been doing this for some time now, and the entire PJ5000 series product line shows their attention to detail. Every juice of theirs tastes exactly as it should, giving you the flavor that you deserve. Now is your chance to see why the world is in love with Pod Juice Salt.

Vape Juice carries Malibu by Pod Juice Salt PJ5000 Series in a 30mL sized bottle and has two options for nicotine strength- 35MG and 55MG.

  • Flavor Profile: Orange, Citrus, Mint
  • Bottle Size: 30mL
  • Nicotine Levels: 35MG, 55MG

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